HoN 2 Dota is a mod for Heroes of Newerth featuring a grand total of 90+ DotA heroes, custom Multiplayer maps with TCP/IP LAN support and offline play against Ai Bots.

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This version is mostly focused on balancing, CPU Bots improvements, Custom Maps and General bug fixing but also brings many new models, textures and effects. Enjoy!

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Version 2.7 Detailed Changelog:

== General ==
- Added a new method for changing/switching alt avatars in-game. During the first 60 seconds of the match press the "N" key to change avatars or switch back to the original avatar.
- Added a new way to permanetly show the health bar by pressing the "1" Key. (Apostrophe ' also still works)
- Tweaked health bars so it is easier for new players to distinguish friends from foes.
- Greatly improved the in-game item and abilities guides for all heroes. Now only shows the heroes' main item build instead of many alternative builds and also shows the correct buying order. This tweak is specially helpfull for new playes (Inspired by Dota 2's ingame guides).
- Generally improved the skill descriptions and details on all heroes.

== New Content ==
-Added many new Models Addons such as new weapons and Amazing high res textures for many heroes.
-Included the best Community Custom Maps previously only playable in practice mode but with this mod they are fully playable in multiplayer!
Custom Map: Borderland
Custom Map: Havenwood
Custom Map: PVP RPG
Custom Map: Sanctuary of Heroes
Custom Map: Valley of Pain

Added new Bounty Hunter Alt Avatar: Snake Hunter
Added new Enchantess Alt Avatar: Wild Enchanter
Added new Dragon Knight Alt Avatar: Winter Knight
Added new Balanar Alt Avatar: Count Balanar
Added new Ursa Alt Avatar: Ursalien
Added new Drow Ranger Alt Avatar: Forsaken Ranger
Added new Pandarien Alt Avatar: Tigerien
Added new Avatar for Jakiro: Twin Headed Dragon
Added new Avatar for Templar Assassin : Psychic Assassin
Added new Avatar for Obsidian Destroyer: Destroyer of Worlds
Added new Avatar for Centaur: Jurassictaur
Added new Avatar for Troll Warlord: Hellspawn
Added new Alt Avatar Troll Warlord: Chaos Agent
Added new Voodoo Jester Alt Avatar: Voodoo Raptor
Added Night Hound Alt Avatar: Night Hunter
Added a new Chronos Alt Avatar: Father Time Chronos
Added a new Nymphora Alt Avatar: Spriticus
Added a new Corrupted Disciple Alt Avatar: Fallen Disciple
Added a new Alt Avatar: Demented Witch
Added a new Alt Avatar: Cleopatra Pharaoh
Added a new Alt Avatar: Ronin Warbeast
Added a new Pugna Alt Avatar: Metal Pugna
Added a new Doombringer Alt Avatar: Apocalypse Bringer
Added a new Hellbringer Alt Avatar: HoN's Gravekeeper
Added a new Rampage Alt Avatar: Rinho Rampage
Added a new Bombardier Alt Avatar: HoN's Engineer
New recruits have joined the fight!
The Lane Creeps, including Mega Creeps, have been completely redone with new models, animations, and sounds
Creeps sounds tweaked and generally lowered in volume

== Hero Balance ==
Increased Movespeed from 295 to 300
Increased Intelligence gain from 1.3 to 1.6 per level
Templar Assassin
Meld: Fixed the atack from meld so that it correctly applies the armor debuff on enemy heroes.
Life Break: Fixed the charge from canceling before reaching the target.
Chaos Knight
Reality Rift (Chaotic Chains): Now reaches it full lenght instead of the point of click.
Critical Strike (Chaotic Strike): Now steals damage from enemies hit up instead of the old and already used critical chance.
Darkness: When using his Alt Avatar Balanar will now turn into a full vampire during night time/His Ulti.
Nether Ward: Now looks exactly like in Dota, when an enemy cast a spell nearby you will see the blast from the ward hitting the enemy.
Troll Warlord
2nd Skill: Made it exactly like in Dota: while in melee mode you have a bliding pikeaxe skill and when in ranged mode you get long range area slow skill.
Cannon Ball: Cast Action Time reduced from 300 to 200 (the ability starts casting sooner) milliseconds
Mortifying Presence bonus from a creep kill reduced from 2x to 1.5x
Mortifying Presence bonus from a hero kill reduced from 3x to 2x
Obliterate damage reduced from 80/140/200 to 80/130/180
Increased starting Strength from 16 to 17
Increased starting Intelligence from 15 to 16
Comet manacost lowered from 110/120/130/140 to 105/115/125/135
Voip Rip cooldown decreased from 70/60/50 to 65/55/45
Gargantuan Blast damage increased from 60/110/160/210 to 60/120/180/240
Feint's Siphon damage increased from 60/110/160/210 to 60/120/180/240
Increased starting Strength from 15 to 16
Increased starting Intelligence from 18 to 19
Chain Lightning cast range increased from 700 to 750
Blast of Lightning damage rescaled from 100/175/275/350 to 110/190/270/350
Lightning Rod damage increased from 3/5/7/9% to 4/6/8/10%
Starting Strength increased from 16 to 17
Death Boil reduced manacost from 100/130/160/190 to 100/120/140/160
Starting Strength from 18 to 16
Flash cast range from 1000/1075/1150/1150 to 850/950/1050/1150
Moon Queen
Multi-Strike damage reduction per bounce reduced from 35% to 35/30/25/20%
Increased attack range from 330 to 350
Lunar Glow increased from 6/13/20/27 to 7/14/21/28
Soul Reaper
Increased starting armor from 1.10 to 1.75
Judgment manacost reduced from 125/145/165/185 to 120/140/160/180
Withering Presence radius increased from 700/800/900/1000 to 800/900/1000/1100
Smitten reworked. Now decreases all damage dealt from the target by 10/20/30/40%, 15 second duration
Succubus' Hold unbinds the target on use (prevents Valkyrie leap cancels for instance)
Pollywog Priest
Voodoo Wards cooldown increased from 100 to 120/110/100
Sand Wraith
Optimized Desert's Curse
Fixed so that the illusion dies properly if the target the illusion was attacking gets deleted
Readjusted values on Mirage so it matches the new illusion lifetimes (4/4.5/5 seconds)
Mirage duration from 5/6/7 to 4/4.5/5 seconds
Mirage cooldown from 120 to 120/100/80 seconds
Desert's Curse manacost from 130/140/150/160 to 120
Desert's Curse Movespeed Slow/Speed from 5/9/14/18% to 8/12/16/20%
Summon Hellhounds damage increased from 18/29/37/46 to 20/29/38/47
Summon Hellhounds armor increased from 0 to 2
Night Hound
Base Intelligence increased from 14 to 16
Plague Rider
Movespeed reduced from 320 to 315
Cursed Shield Armor lowered from 3/6/9/12 to 2/4/6/8
Electric Jolt manacost changed from 95/105/135/160 to 100/120/140/160
All STR Melee Heroes
Base health regeneration increased from 0.25 to 0.5 health per second
All AGI Melee Heroes
Base health regeneration increased from 0.25 to 1 health per second

== Item Balance ==
New Item: Genjuro
Assassin's Shroud (3300)
Dancing Blade (3000)
Total: 6300
25 Agility
45 Damage
20 Attack Speed
75 Manacost
On use, consumes a charge and grants stealth for 9 seconds
Attacking out of stealth deals an additional 125 damage and inflicts 55% movespeed slow for 3 seconds
Gain a charge every 14 seconds, up to 2 charges
New Item: Grave Locket
Amulet of Exile (485)
Recipe (250)
Total: 735
7 Intelligence
4 Agility
4 Strength
When you get a kill or assist, the Locket becomes charged
When charged, gains +3 to all stats and reduces respawn time by 10 seconds
If the wielder dies, the charge will be removed
- Added new item: Sol's Bulwark
Ringmail (550)
Ringmail (550)
Sol's Bulwark Recipe (700)
Total Cost: 1700
Passive Effects
+5 Armor
Can be toggled between a +4 Armor Aura for Allies or a -4 Armor Aura for Enemies. 10 second cooldown
Cooldown reduced from 45 to 35 seconds.
Recipe cost reduced from 700 to 600
Range reduced from 900 to 800
Manacost increased from 100 to 200
Kuldra's Sheepstick
Reduced the duration of being a sheep from 3.5 to 2.5 seconds
Reduced cooldown from 35 seconds to 30 seconds
Staff of the Master
Recipe old: Any two 1000g items + Glowstone + Recipe
Recipe new: Glowstone + Mighty Blade + Quickblade + Neophyte's Book. Auto Assemble
Sol's Bulwark
Armor auras lowered from +/5 to +/4
Health Potions can now be bought here
Mana Potions can now be bought here
Sol's Bulwark
Recipe cost increased from 700 to 900
Daemonic Breastplate
Recipe cost decreased from 1100 to 900
Runed Cleaver
Damage increased from 55 to 60
Cooldown to kill a tree lowered from 15 to 5 seconds

== Ai Changes ==
- It is now posible for human players to join the Ai on the hellbourn side (Bots no longer share their items with other players but they will still only go middle so for pushing and ganking with the Ai on the hellbourne side players must use the middle lane).
IMPORTANT: All Ai bots must be added right before the creeps spawn on the base for the first time and the spawn location must be the hellbourne fountain. If these requirements are not met the Ai will most likely malfunction in some way.
- The Ai no longer tries to retaliate when attacked while low on health and retreating to the tower/fountain. This prevents the Ai from becoming confused on what to do (Attack or run).
- The Ai now uses Health Potions, Mana Potions, Runes of the Blight and Bottle.
- Completely Redid the Ai's Item build progression to be more balanced, specially for casters and ranged heroes.
- Ai's new item build makes them buy survival items first so the are not too weak at the start and don't have to rely on cheats to survive (very high health regen).
- The Ai now sells old items since they cannot have more than 6 items at the same time anymore.
- The Ai now buys the components of luxury items instead of getting the whole item at once. (IE: Before they get Demonic Breastplate they get Sols' Bulkward and so on). Because of this the Ai now buys Twice as much resulting in a much smoother increase in power.
PS: The Ai is balanced towards 2 humans vs 2 ai gameplay since that way it offers alot more value: It teaches players how to cooperate, support, gank and also allows the Ai to support themselves a generally play better. Because of this if you are a experienced player and play 1 vs 1 the Ai may seem easy, but the whole point of the Ai is to teach new players the basics of HON so if we made the Ai too strong new players cannot measure their real skill damage and potential of their heroes and finally get frustrated.
Some Ais play better than others so if pro players want challenge just pick the right Ai to fight against and they will have a hard time winning. Some Ai combinations, specially ranged with melee, can be quite devastating.

Example of Ai defficulty:
EASY AI: Accursed, Armadon, Hunter(BloodHunter), Hantumon(NightHound), Panda, Tundra, Vindicator, Soulstealer, Fairy.
MEDIUM AI: Andromeda, Aluna, Babayaga(Wreched Hag), Behemoth, Bomb (Bombardier), Ebulus (Slither), Flint, Leggionaire, Frosty, Pestilence, Pyromancer.
HARD AI: Diseasedrider(Plague Rider), Xalynx (Torturer), Pollywogpriest, Witch slayer, Rocky, Jereziah, Magmar, Broodmother.

General Ai Suggestions:
- New players should start playing against Easy Ai such as Accursed, Armadon or Hunter. If you are having a hard time beating the Ai you could invite a human friend to the legion side and fight together but don't forget that you will start with less gold that way. Focusing on creeping, staying alive and taking advantage of the runes are often the key to victory.
- If you do manage to kill the Ai early and get the upper hand in levels it should be alot easier at the end.
- Melee Ais have a very hard time fighting Ranged Human Players so if you pick a ranged hero it is better if you fight a ranged Ai.
- If you, at some point, stop hurting the Ai with regular attacks, it is probably just because you forgot to creep and focused too much on hunting them down. That way they will get better items than you and you won't be able to stop them. (Focus on getting gold and buying better items often, protect your towers and when they make a mistake, KILL THEM!)
- If you are a PRO player find the Ai too easy to beat in 1vs1 try adding another Ai and see if you are really that PRO! (For the Ultimate Challenge fight Plague Rider and Jereziah or Pyromancer and Pebbles (Rocky).
- A very cool new way of playing with the Ai is in a 3vs3 situation when 2 human players on the side lanes and one Ai on the middle of the hellbourne side fight 3 human players on the Legion side with the rule of only 3 vs 3 ganks on the middle.

== Optimizations and Bug Fixes ==
Game UI Optimized: Increased the efficiency of the UI for a smoother gameplay experience.
Game UI Optimized: Added static hero portraits for increased performance.
Lower memory usage caused by ally voice responses
== All heroes and items updated up to Dota 2' March 2012 values ==
Some HoN heroes that are partial remakes of Dota Heroes are kept (A few examples of this are: Ra (king leoric remake), Moreaxus (centaur remake), bombardier (goblin techies remake) etc.


i just downloaded it but do ai's really buy items? because when i click them and see what item is in their inventory i see nothing...and later in the game when i have aquired items, bots are easily defeated..are there any better bots that i could choose? and how can i turn of the passive bonus items i mean the automatic items? thank you very much its so nice to have you guys working on this project..

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another suggestion..it will also be nice if there will be a "killing spree" "double kill notifiaction" :)

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I really need help, never really done this sort of thing. I went through the manual (pdf file) and does not help me at all, can someone please till me how to spawn A.I players. please help (bmarkviljoen@gmail.com) thanx

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