Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, the ruthlessly unforgiving tactical shooter experience. True hardcore realism, with nonlinear play, real-world physics, and ultra smart AI. Infinite replayability, with tons of worldwide maps, missions, game types, international special forces units, and a massive arsenal of authentic weapons and equipment.

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I had to come back to this mod so I can review. There really aren't any words to explain how much I love this mod. It should probably be called Ghost Recon Perfected. It adds all the ghost recon content in one whole Mod then adds as a ton of more content on top of that.

This mod and the ARMA series are just about the only two realistic tactical shooters I only play. This one shoots at 2nd on my list. With the new XL XXL mission types I can have even more fun! The amount levels make an endless server of randomized missions! This mod is perfect for hot seat matches or a quick play. The 400+ weapons are simulated realistically and don't break game play. The there are many variations of weapons to choose from. Silencers, Extended Clips, Scopes, Etc.

This mod is Ghost Recon Perfected! I wish that the developers could Remake the Ghost Recon series purely based off this mod.

Regardless of the size of the current player base and how sporadically you update, I honestly believe you are the sole person keeping this game alive.

I love the original Ghost Recon with a passion but playing it vanilla can feel extremely dated and grating. Heroes Unleashed breathes life into this old classic in a way I didn't think was possible. Some of that dated feel remains but it's almost all trivial. Such as the ridiculously tiny menu resolution and ugly graphics. However, the gameplay is unbelievable. If only it was possible for you to release this on Steam as a stand-alone title with proper network support. It could completely reinvigorate one of my favorite genres. I hope you contact some PC centered websites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun and beg them to run an article on you. You need more coverage. Your mod and hard works deserves it!


incredible, I thank the modder(s) !!!

best gr mod there is

Awesomely revamped, beyond my expectations. This is a must try mod for Ghost Recon!

The Ghost Recon community is exceptionally hard working and generous. There are, literally, THOUSANDS of custom mods/missions to download, the majority of them being well worth playing.

If one had to try just one mod, then this is it. It is a gateway to all that is mentioned above.



The best mod to revive a classic game, an absolute must play! New maps, weapons, it's so refreshing and amazing you won't be disappointed.

Stunning addon, makes a truly amazing game, as good as its counter parts rainbow six 1 and rogue spear, and this mod just tops off a great achievement in gaming and in modding. Tom Clancy games were fantastic from GR1/R6-1 up to raven shield, from after that its all gone down console hill. So its very good that members of the community keep the true games strong and vibrant, thanks for the effort and time put into the mod!

This mod is awesome,can't wait to try it.Big thanks.