The Heirs to Byzantium:The Purple Phoenix Rises! is a massive overhaul for the marginalised(by Paradox)country of Hellas.Continuing the work of the now discontinued Heirs to Byzantium mod by the splendid Hiraeth(by whom I have been given permission to expand on),the mod aims to provide the player with the ability to experience the alternative history scenario,speculated by many historians,a Hellenic victory at the battle of Smyrna during the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–1922! Offering a vast amount of new events,a re-balanced National Focus with over 100+ foci,both historical and ahistorical courses to choose from and many other features,this mod has nothing to lose,even by the official DLCs. !The Purple Phoenix has risen and its fate is in your very hands!

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******* love this


sovietbiscut21 says

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Plenty of potential. Not dead. Well worth the time to play.


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