The Great War is a WW1 total conversion for Hearts of Iron IV.

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A great mod and I'd give it a 10 if it was finished. It's still technically is a 10, but some miner issues need to be worked around.


it s a great mod but it s still has some border problems and more nations need focus trees


This mod is great and a nice refreshing change of pace from fighting WW2. I've not completed WW1 yet but I felt I would give my views of the mod from my current play-through. I'm playing as the United Kingdom starting from 1910.

Uniforms: The uniforms for the French, Germans, Ottomans, and Indians are a great way of getting yourself into the time period, not to mention the great work done on the aircraft, seeing airships crisscrossing the map at their humble pace is just fantastic.

History: The history in the mod is presented in a way that gives you far more events and other items to read and enjoy, as well as effecting the game-play so that you are generally guaranteed to get to the good stuff, something I felt was lacking from vanilla HOI4 was there not being much in the way of historical events beyond those pertaining to WW2.

Technology: The new tech tree is very detailed without effecting much of the old tech tree, fitting in quite nicely, going in a bit more in depth to all your equipment for your armies.

Combat: The land combat is mostly balanced, you definitely get the feel of the static warfare that dominated this period, you will want to be far more thoughtful in your planning of your massive frontal assaults.

Uniforms: Some factions do not have proper or uniforms that are not quite right. Russia and Austro-Hungary have generic uniforms while the UK troops are still using their WW2 uniforms, the US is using the UK uniform but are still armed with M1s. Japan also is still using its WW2 uniform.

AI Armies: One thing I've noticed with the AI armies, Germany in particular is that they seem unwilling to use any sort of artillery, I don't think I've seen a single piece of artillery in either the German or French armies. I've also noticed that some countries will spam a specific type of division template, Germany seems to be stuck on creating hundreds of Stormtrooper divisions and France seems to only be able to recruit colonial brigades.

Naval Combat: Naval combat has been rather problematic in terms of balance, battleships are a bit overpowered, destroyers and cruisers are basically cannon fodder for battleships. Meanwhile these cannon fodder ships and shooting away at battleships and dealing little damage, same for other battleships. Thus a large naval battle can end with just the battleships remaining and all other ships destroyed.

Focus Trees: While the focus trees are very good and for many of the key players all have something unique to each, I feel there are some that could use some major revamping. Russia, as it has been stated, should have a more in depth branching tree for it's revolution. I also feel that all the other countries should have their focus trees for WW2 returned, Germany is the only one that has it with several unique things for in between. Also maybe reign in some of the options for the larger countries as I doubt with all the time being spent on the War specific focuses one can get all the tech focuses in, in a timely manor.

Airships: Airships are able to be built way to quick, and with the model of them being large rigid airships it doesn't make sense that I could build almost a dozen or more a month.

If it is at all possible perhaps create a way to have more diverse uniforms for the British Empire: Highlanders, ANZACs, Canadians. Another cool thing would be to change the ship models from their WW2 counterparts to the WW1 styled ones, the ships having a vastly different form in the early 20th century.

Maybe split the Airship tech into Blimps and Rigid Airships (or Zeppelins) with the rigid airships having the strategic bomber roll and the blimps having a naval bomber role, as were the blimps used by the US and UK which protected convoys.

Well that's the end of my mad ravings, keep up the great work on this mod that finally takes care of that Great War itch!


This mod is one of the best mods I have ever seen. 10/10

Props to the developers, this is the best HoI4 mod on the workshop right now.
It is obvious that much effort has been put into the mod by the developers. Once again, it's amazing.
Try it out.


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men of fan pfte

Great work. It's sometimes buggy (events didn't show up or game just crash wtf) but still it's one of my favourite mod.


Great mod !!! thanks

This mod makes every aspects of the game better


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A great mod and I'd give it a 10 if it was finished. It's still technically is a 10, but some miner issues need to be worked around.

Dec 1 2016 by AthelasProject14