The Idea:

Hearts of Honor brings the story of For Honor to Hearts of Iron IV. You can play any faction you want, take control and take over what's left of the world.


Music: Shadrick Beechem/sbstudios573

Portraits: Miguel of Transnistria

Portraits: Emperor of Borisia/FluffyFishCreations

Public Relations: Mike_Steam/OkMarineCorps

Code: Tim Dullinger/Ghost Taker/Goschty

(Still looking for more people to help)

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#2 Dev Diary

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#2 Dev-Diary

For the second Dev Diary, I decided it may be a good idea to take a look on what is planned for the future, but first here's an update on what changed since the first Dev Diary:

1. Implemented some portraits that show the same person as a field marshal and a country leader.

2. Proper integration of the music composed especially for this mod.

Now let's continue with the planned features, you can find most of them on our Trello page.

We are currently planning on adding in more portraits of the various leaders, field marshals, and generals, especially for the Samurai and Vikings, but also some more Knights and eventually Wu-Lin. Speaking of the Wu-Lin, they will be added to the mod sometime in the next few weeks. Another thing we are adding is the individual Viking clans like we did with the Samurai and Knights, although since in For Honor's campaign mode it is made clear that the Vikings haven't always been shattered, we will probably implement it as a 4 or 5-way civil war. After that, we will add flavor elements, and, if the support is high enough, re-do the entire map to make it more immersive and fun. One thing about the map we can do right now at least is to change the names of the cities and states, which we more than likely will do.

First Dev-Diary of 'Hearts of Honor' (HoH)

First Dev-Diary of 'Hearts of Honor' (HoH)


This is the first-ever Dev-Diary of our mod HoH, we have been working on it for a while and only just now created this modDB page, the mod will also be...


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