Duke is having a nightmare, what he does not realize is how much blood lies ahead. Duke has to take the (blood) elevators to the core of the horror and stop the beast. The aliens that Duke has killed in the past have somehow brought Duke into a realm that doesn't exist. Its a dark place with almost no escape. If Duke can't make it through he will never awaken this deep sleep. There is most likely some updates coming. hope you enjoy! Contributors as of now: Duke64: Organization, sounds, menu, level 1, level 2 level 4, and partial level 5. Bullerbuller7 (code) M210(code) St1llWanted (map)

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KingRandom says

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Excellent horror-themed episode, with some moody and great looking maps. Map 4 by itself would make this a worthwhile download - large western ghost town surrounded by rocky wilderness, with loads of excellent exploration. Maps 1-3 are good pieces too, short and sweet, and map 5 is challenging all-out slaughter. Every maps in this package contains loads of textures from original Blood (as well as few Blood weapons that serve as replacements fro their Duke 3D counterparts), and as a result this feels almost like playing trough Blood episode crafted in some parallel universe where that game has a proper source port.


AdonLove says

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Duke you did a really good job here. I know you guys did this in two months but its pretty anazing. The headshots are a really good addition in combination with the maps/levels. I haven't played much Duke but this was a very good experience with it. The music tracks from Resident Evil are a perfect fit to. Awesome job here all around. Thanks for fun happy halloween to you guys to :)


DeXiaZ says

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Finished this mod already on "Come get some!" difficulty. This mod has really nteresting atmosphere, I see that most things were inspired by Resident Evil games and Silent Hill games. First levels are like classic 1990s horror games - not so much monsters but you are walking really carefully listening scary whispers and enemy' footsteps. Last 2 levels are really hard on CGS difficulty, dead city reminded to me GZDoom's "City of the Damned 2" by Tormentor667 (possibly due to Resident Evil 3 music, lol). Last level is the apotheosis! Now it's action battle with horde! BTW, killed Emperior like in Duke Nukem Time To Kill game - waiting in cave-balcony and shooting in the head :)

I disliked only 2 things - decorative fire sometimes damages you when you're 3 steps away of it, it's strange feeling. And I disliked E1 ending movie instead of new...it would be like "Thank you for the playing!" or something, but not this...

BUT! Anyway, it's really cool mod, you deserve 10/10


JayDoom says

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Okay I just played this and its one of the best Duke mods I have played, not just because were good friends now but because this entire mod has 90's written all over it. You guys didn't over think it or over do it like most mods today. I am getting kind of bored and tired of the over doing it mods that have new everything. There is way to much going on in most mods that or the mods are boring or nothing really new. This was simple classic *** kicking and its bad ***! Amazing job you guys did the music the menu everything in this was on point. Headshots and limbs is great addition. All around I rate this 10/10 because its a classic style mod mixed with classic games inside of it like Blood.


haywan says

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Great mod with spooky autumnal atmosphere. Great visuals with lotsa Blood flavor, colored lighting and nice level of polish. Ghost town map in particular looks awe inspiring. My only complaints is that I'm still hungry for more maps in this style.


Lunar_Reactor says

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Excellent mod! Blood and Duke both are on my top FPS list, so this was a pure delight!


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