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- I Finished my first "real" map for this mod - I am looking for a mapper who is willing to join me - New release-policy

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It has been very quiet around this project lately and some of you may have thought it is dead. But the contrary is true. I have been working on it like crazy but I didnt post any news because I wanted to surprise you :)

First real map

That last two months I worked on this desert-town map. Check out the TEASER below this news-post. This is the first map that is going to make it into the release version of the mod. You can get a good view of what the mod will look like.

In this map your team is called to save a little town of peaceful farmers from pissed-off aliens. You arrive by helicopter and clear the town of all monsters. There is little resistance and it seems allmost too easy. But then another horde of big mommas rushes in. Let the massacre begin.

Looking for a mapper
Now that you have seen what this mod will be like, maybe you are interested and want to join me to create some nice battlefields in worldcraft? Since this mod is placed in a future universe with hundreds of planets and spacestations there are allmost no limitations. Join my team and MAP WHATEVER YOU WANT. I dont care if you want to stick to the team long time or if you are just freelancing.
You should:
- be creative. I dont want black mesa!
- have expirience with mapping for half-life and maybe one or two other singleplayermods.
- be patient. Mapping for Spirit of Half-Life is a real PAIN IN THE ASS. You need a great frustration-tolerace.
- be interested in politics. This mod is supposed to have a serious background. I dont want "kill all the bad guys"-missions. Read the newspaper and think how you can transform the news into a scifi half-life-mod.

I do NOT expect you to be expirienced with Spirit of Half-Life. I can show you the most important tricks and help you to get your map Legion-compatible.

New release policy
Working on this first map I realized that this project wont be finished until 2050 if I keep going at this speed. Not because im lazy but because mapping takes lots of time and I don´t really have that. That is why I have decided to realase as soon as I have two or three maps done. You can call it alpha-version if you want. I think this will be more motivating for both you and me.

Good night everyone


Black Mesa is a creative theme!

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I would like to HELP you.
Contact me if you want.
I really wanna see this relesed!
Good luck!

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the-middleman Author

Yes I am interested. Your profile is set to private so I can´t message you :p

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