The Abyss is an ambitious source mod recreating the old (late 1999-2002) concepts of Half-Life 2.

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Jan 2 2017 Anchor

My name is Jonas, I'm 26 and I've been programming for a year now.
I can see, that if you want to mod/program for the source engine, you have to know C++
It just happens that C was my first language to learn, and recently learned the ++ part of it.
I wouldn't call myself a veteran or skilled programmer by any means,
but I'm willing to be a part of this project, and contribute and learn however I can!
14 years ago, I was part of a modding community in Denmark for the Original Half-Life Engine.
So I think I can recall how to use the Valve hammer editor.
Also I have have a minor "degree" in Film/TV/Cinematography, so I know a lot about videos,sound, editing, recording, lighting, formats etc..

I can be contacted on jonas[insert the At sign here]

Looking forward to making this mod a work of greatness! :)
Best Regards
- Jonas from Denmark

Jan 4 2017 Anchor

What programming are you willing to help with, I'm not the person who decides who goes into the team, but I wanna know. Are you going to do Shader programming, A.I. programming (I'm already doing that.), etc. And have you ever touched the Source Engine's code?

Jan 4 2017 Anchor

I haven't been programming for the source engine, so no.
I'm down with both things, but I have a bit of curisity towards shader programming, but I havn't done any before, so no matter what it's not like I'm goring to be the magician programmer from day 1, I have a learning curve to climb in regards to the source engine and shader programming :)

But in all honesty, I just want to help out with what is needed for the project, don't have any preferences for real :)

Jan 4 2017 Anchor

I think is the best way to help is get familiar with the engine. Try out some code. Look at the Valve Dev Wiki, that's where I started.

Jan 10 2017 Anchor

I think you might be right! :)
I'll look into it, get it configured and test out some code..
Then i'll post back here about my progress! :)
Now I've gotten most things configured, (the source engine code compiles without errors now)
and now I'm ready to try out some debugging and hacky code :P
Will post further progress here :)

Quick Question: What version of the source engine are we using? 2013 i hope :P

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Jan 12 2017 Anchor

For now we using 2013 version.

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