Gunslinger's Academy is a Jedi Academy total conversion which aims to bring gun combat to Jedi Academy Multiplayer. Features include new weapons, achievements, killstreak rewards, a new combat system, several new maps, and multiple new gametypes.

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The newest version of Gunslinger's Academy - the hit modern shooter mod for Jedi Academy - is out now!

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Yes, it's been a long and perilous development hell for the past few months. Or years, I forget really. Point is, our last public release was back in 2010, and we seek to amend that with this next installment of Gunslinger's Academy. There are far too many words of emotion that I can use to describe this, to be honest.

This is a delete-patch, which means you will need to delete any previous installations of the mod.

Loads of things have been changed, but let me just outline some of the basics:


- Fixed a bizarre glitch which caused the game to freeze when no password was set in config files
- Fixed bug which caused game to crash when glass was stepped on or shot at
- Fixed many, many broken shaders which persisted ingame
- Fixed bug which caused M16 alt fire to be fully automatic
- Fixed bug where snipers couldn't zoom
- Fixed bug where M&P 40 was unusable as a weapon
- Fixed a critical bug where CTF (and...CTY?) flags wouldn't drop if using Melee or Melee
- Fixed bug where weapons could get ammo beyond their maximum
- Fixed issue where your weapon would disappear when swapped for the same weapon that you had
previously on an item pickup
- Fixed a bug where players had "ghost items" caused by "Switch to Higher Weapon if Safe"
being set on.
- Fixed a bug where assists were displaying the wrong text
- Fixed a bug which caused the game's configstrings to overflow, resulting in artifacts to occur when changing serverside cvars
- The TASER is now selectable as a weapon

- Fixed bug which caused guns which are naturally semi automatic (M14, Magnum, etc) to use
full auto instead of semi auto
- Fixed bug where changing to burst fire on your sidearm would cause your primary weapon to
fire in a burst fire method with the sidearm's fire rate
- Fixed bug which gave crazy jump to LMG's shots
- Fixed bug where Magnum Alt-Fire, UMP primary and Glock secondary had bad shaking problems
- Fixed bug which caused "(VIP)" text to appear below client nameplate in non-VIP gametypes
- Dismembered limbs will disappear at the same time as bodies, cutting lag significantly
- Fixed spectator follow exploit (credit: Raz0r)
- Fixed callvote overflow exploit (credit: TrippHop)
- Fixed callvote invalid characters exploit (credit: TrippHop)
- Fixed misc_model_static bounds error (credit: Didz)
- Fixed issue where players could jump-crouch through some patches (credit: Xycaleth)
- ITEM_TYPE_EDITFIELD will no longer leave insert/strikeover mode on occasion (credit: Raz0r)
- Lists can be scrolled through using the mouse wheel (credit: Raz0r)
- Extended name field limit in profile screen (credit: Raz0r)
- Corrected an issue where you could only get ammo for a weapon that you had equipped
- Fixed a bug where flashbangs could blind through walls
- Fixed a few translation issues, many more remain
- Hard-hacked r_znear to 2 and sv_pure to 0 to remove some minor glitches

*New Features*
- Achievement system is now functioning with a new UI in the Profile menu
- New loadout menu in the Profile menu
- Killstreak system with rewards at 3, 5, and 7 kills
- Dozens of weapon adjustments, balance corrects, and at least 5 new weapons (total count is at 23 i think)
- Per-map weapons and killstreak system
- Laser sights (/laser)
- Quick throw button (/quickthrow) - Tosses a grenade or detonates C4 when
- Some of the maps have been redone
- Added reloading (this time for real)
- Added a logging system to track crashes and their sources more accurately
- Grenade indicators
- ADS now increases FOV and decreases speed
- Weapon-based speed
- Added recoil
- Sprint, reload (I think...if not, the cmd is /reload), ADS and a few other things added to Controls menu
- Added film grain visual effect cvar

...and a load of other stuff that I forgot to mention

We encourage everyone to play on our online server:

We will be playing there quite frequently. :3

Garyn Dakari

Downloading! I'll also be sure to find time to make it to your server some time...

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Looks awesome!

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