Gunreal is a UT2004 mod, completely redoing UT2004's combat and game mechanics with its own weapons and pacing. It features: - 14 New Weapons - Weapon-Shopping - Dynamic Inventory Belt - Walk/Sprint Stamina - Dynamic Accuracy - Improved Player Size - New Blood & Gore - Hit Indicator - Grenades, Mines, and Deployable Teleporters

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The Gunreal Beta has been patched (the Auto-Updater will deploy it for those already playing). There are a load of updates/changes, and a few new features.

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Gunreal Beta Patch Released

Gunreal has been patched (see the huge list of update changes), fixing tons of bugs, adding new things, and bringing us a step closer to the final release. (if you stick with the beta process, you'll see the auto-updater bring you to the 1.0 release seamlessly - no extra downloads needed).

Also, much thanks for the support from fans so far. Reception has been phantasmagoric, and we're greatly motivated to roll forward. :) -- For those who are unfamilar with Gunreal, it essentially builds off UT2004 (though aiming to be its own thing entirely) to bring the weapons and combat to new levels of solidity, power, and feel of relentless destruction. Special care has been put into the explosions, effects, and especially sound design, with the specific intent (and challenge) of putting the feel of combat on a level higher than any other shooter in existence (but only you can tell us if we've succeeded or not).

Since this is NOT UT2004, however, pacing and gameplay is different. Movement is nearly identical to Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 2 (walk/sprint with stamina), and we use a completely original shopping/money system to add an almost RPG-like element of micromanagement and thought to the game. (see the trailer for details) Alongside all the violence and rage, we've put a great deal of thought into the strategy aspects of the game as well, in an attempt to cater to gamers of all play-styles and backgrounds.

So, without any further ado, you can either:
Download Gunreal Beta (homepage link)
Watch HD Trailer (this is actually the same link. So head-shot me)


Bah, I love GunReal such a shame ive lost my UT04 Disk 5 :(
But really youve done a great job with this!

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Ah, so thats why the bot were so godlike, their aim was perfect. Hope the walking speed has been increased.

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