Gunreal is a UT2004 mod, completely redoing UT2004's combat and game mechanics with its own weapons and pacing. It features: - 14 New Weapons - Weapon-Shopping - Dynamic Inventory Belt - Walk/Sprint Stamina - Dynamic Accuracy - Improved Player Size - New Blood & Gore - Hit Indicator - Grenades, Mines, and Deployable Teleporters

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Gunreal's beta rolls forward with several large updates, and a bunch of new media for Moddb.

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The Gunreal Beta is going great, reception has been just fantastic, and we have a pile of new media on Moddb, including a sound demo MP3 showing off Gunreal's sound design, and our "How To Test" video.

Posted below is the trailer, for those who are new to Gunreal:

The Auto-Updater has been a huge success (it was very important that we got to test it), and with it we've been able to roll out patches the instant they're ready. Another large patch is on the way, and beta-testers will be delighted to know that these automatic updates will carry them seamlessly into the final release of Gunreal, with no extra downloads needed. don't even have to be psychic to know when patches are released.

Notable recent updates:
- Huge FPS boost for high-detail players
- Improved weapon drop-and-swap abilities
- Bots' aim fixed (no longer too accurate)
- Bots shop and use Special Abilities like humans now
- Bots navigate maps much better, with ability to crouch through places that normally blocked them
- Tons of new sounds and effects for the Combat Glove
- Lots of misc online fixes

Updates just around the corner:

- Mac / Zip users will start getting ingame notification of updates (since they can't use the auto-updater)
- Mines will be able to be manually detonated
- Firing near Spam Charges will set them off
- The Destroyer will be updated
- There will be a new on-screen acid-damage bar
- The "Last Man Standing" game-mode will be optimized
- ...a bunch of other stuff

Well, happy fragging! Oh, and if you want, you can also take a look at some screenshots, art, etc.

Download the Gunreal Beta


I'm still hating the AI and the movement.

Also, the gore system in Ballistic Weapons is way more digusting than this stuff.

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Ballistic Weapons is a lot older and a lot more complete - and it's a different direction from Gunreal anyway.

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All your weapons and the particle effects look really good and feel strong in the right way. I love some of the frags I have seen in the video and that's what a cool FPs is all about - awesome frags.
The new maps look good, but I would prefer to see these guns used in more wide-spaced environments, or capture the base scenarios. Anyway, looks like you put a lot of thought on weapon balance and got a great mod finished!

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I dunno if it's a glitch, but for some reason I no longer see the actual spinning barrels on the minigun or the mine spammer, I can hear the sound, but I can't see the animation.
Also I noticed that the Lava powered gun sounds really weak, it looks really powerful and the alt fire rocks, but the sounds and the primary fire splash damage let it down, I think.

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Dario_D Author

Yeah, the Destroyer is getting some updates in the next patch. Remember that Gunreal is a work-in-progress, and the beta is literally a final construction phase.
Not sure what's with the spinning barrels. You can elaborate in our forums, if you want, and we'll take a look at it.

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The mod is good, but the movement speed and killer Bot ai killed it for me.

Also, your gore is nothing compared to Ballistic Weapons gore btw.

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I knew sooner or later this would get compared and nit-picked with what each one has and hasnt compared to the other =P

Your opinion is noted, but thats all it is im afraid.

Personally I like both mods, for different reasons. Ballistic Weapons for the realistic and numerous weapons and its real tactical feel to name a couple of reasons, and Gunreal for its innovative take on the old skool style Deathmatch gameplay and while smaller array of weapons, are just as radical and unique from each other. The bot AI has been revamped I beleive in the last patch and scale correctly with the difficulty settings, im sure I read that it was locked at a hard difficulty level for testing somewhere on the Gunreal forums prior to the 850 patch. And the movement speed is slower for a reason, to shy away from the constant leaping and bunny hopping that can make an DM based FPS kinda annoying for people.

But to be honest, points to both really for standing out from rest =)

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