The San Andreas, Liberty City, Vice City, Manhunt I/II, Bullworth, and custom maps combined into one big map. With gang wars, shops, added (not replaced) vehicles, peds, and weapons (yes, you can modify added vehicles and buy added weapons in weapon stores) in the same style as if R* were to make an expansion for GTA: San Andreas.

RSS Snapshot is released!

What might be the last update for Snapshot 3.3 was released today, fixing the last remaining big issues introduced with 3.3.10. This article covers the changes since the last time we published an article about a new release.

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First of all, since the article about Snapshot was published, we decided to improve our support code for Project 2dfx, the modification which allows the player to view te entire map in one go, even further. The so-called 'LOD lights' (the light sprites which can be seen from far away which don't exist in the original game) were fixed in the process.

On top of that, the in-game atmosphere recieved some more minor improvements and bug fixes.
The exact details can be seen in the complete 3.3.10 patch changelog below.





So, what's next?

We may either release one more update for Snapshot 3.3, or focus on Snapshot 3.4, which is planned to include Underground Multiplayer, which is our upcoming multiplayer platform. We haven't decided yet.

YouTube videos

These videos are from the official GTA: Underground YouTube channel.

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Google Drive:

The complete Snapshot 3.3.10 patch changelog

  • Fixed the bugged sniper scope/rocket launcher scope
  • A few code refactors (has no in-game impact)
  • Fixed project 2dfx support – previously the game had really short draw distance + the draw distance settings are now fully functional again – as a result you can customize the mod so you can see VC and LC from SA (you need a beefy system for this though)
  • Fixed the broken ambient object colours – sometimes peds, cars, and objects used red, yellow, or other colours at random
  • Fixed a bug where all water was transparent if the player looks at it while swimming at a certain angle
  • Fixed a crash whenever the player reached a 3 star wanted level or higher
  • Fixed the broken LOD lights when Project 2dfx is installed
  • Added partial support for the ‘Vehicle Lights Fix' modification by Wesser
  • Fixed a bug where the sun would have the size of a dot if Project 2dfx was not installed
  • VCS radiosity now uses radiosity intensity values from timecyc.dat – as a result the trails effect is slightly less intense
  • The LCS colour filter alpha colour is now corrected to match the one used in The_Hero's lc98 modification
  • The SA clouds are no longer used by LC/VC/LCS/VCS/Bully weather (the clouds which aren't on the skydome but are at a fixed height)
  • Fixed the ‘black interiors' bug which happens when CJ enters interiors such as El Banco Corrupte Grande
  • Fixed a bug where everything (buildings, roads, etc) would be really bright whenever the VC trails were applied
  • Improved sun size code for LCS/III – the values are no longer multiplied and divided by 10
  • Started introducing Bully timecycle fields – no in-game change is visible
  • The rubbish visibility value is now calculated with the frame delta time factored in – as a result the ‘zombie elvis found' newspapers + leaves now fade in/out at the same speed no matter how many FPS the user has (previously they faded in and out faster when the user has 60 fps compared to when he/she has 25 fps for example)
  • UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable grass rendering
  • UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable sun rendering
  • UG-MP: Added natives to create and remove timecycle boxes – these are already used in the original GTA: SA game to give some of the countryside towns slightly different weather
  • UG-MP: Fixed compability issues with Widescreen Fix, CLEO, SkyGrad, and others
  • Fixed rubbish visibility issues when exiting/entering an interior
  • Fixed a bug where the VCS Gaff had weapon ammo displayed on the HUD

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Hey i have a bug the cars modifications look soo bright but the paint are soo dark somebody can help me

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