This mod focusses on implementing the old 3D era maps and combining them together on the San Andreas engine. This includes maps from GTA: III, GTA: Vice City, Manhunt, Manhunt 2, Bully, and ofcourse GTA: San Andreas itself. Not only are we adding the maps, we are also trying to implement the features these games have aswell. This includes hardware shops, vehicles, peds, weapons, and other content.

Everything is done in the same style as how San Andreas is.

main post   features


GTA: Underground implements extra gangs into GTA: San Andreas which spawn in their respective cities. They also use their own weapons from the respective games aswell, and you can even take over their turfs.


Every city has it's own set of pedestrians and vehicles, which are converted from the respective games. The custom locations Atlantis and Mainland Liberty come with their very own unique set of pedestrians.


Every city is fully loaded out with safehouses with custom interiors from their respective games which can be bought, and with shops where the player can purchase vehicle tuning parts, junkfood, clothes, and much more. These shops are also marked on the map!


As stated above, we've implemented the interiors from the respective games. To make them feel more SA-styled, we've adapted all of the interiors to work with SA's enex system, which means custom entering/exiting animations.


All of the added maps also come with their own set of props, and even streetlights, signs, benches, and trash cans (and ofcourse more), and so we've made all of these custom objects breakable, and gave them all 2dfx, as seen in their respective games.


While spending time in Vice City or San Andreas, you are able to make money by purchasing assets from both games. Once you buy them, you can collect money from them by walking into a pickup.


GTA: Underground also adds (not replaces) all of the vehicles from their respective games, and they can be modified at tuning garages, and the added vehicles will even have unique abilities such as sirens, moving engine parts, and jet gears. Plus, all of them are redone to fit in SA. Added weapons can be bought from Ammu-Nation stores in added cities, and added peds can be seen roaming their home city.


Too lazy to fly to a different city? No problem! GTA: Underground updates the airplane ticket system so it will allow you to purchase plane tickets to and from these added locations.


GTA: Underground not only adds vehicles, it will also let the correct law enforcement agencies from their respective games (in Bullworth's case we use custom stuff) chase you when you have a wanted level! Another cool feature we've added in is the Vice Squad agency, which will chase you when you have a 3 star wanted level in Vice City.


Since in GTA: III and GTA: Vice City a lot of the buildings were simply not solid at the rooftops, we've updated all of the rooftops so that they are and will be solid. In some places we even added extra detail and props to give these rooftops some new life!


We've also added a bunch of extra cheat codes from their respective games to let the player have some fun!


GTA: Underground is shipped with a vehicle spawner which allows the player to spawn every single vehicle from the game, including the added vehicles.

main post   map

GTA: Underground Map - Snapshot 3.3.7

main post   FAQ

Will you add GTA: IV/GTA:V maps to UG?
Obviously not. The project only adds the 3D era maps.

Will my GTA: San Andreas savegames work?
No, they won't. GTA: Underground uses a seperate directory in the Documents folder, and any savegames from SA will simply not work.

My game is crashing right after I clicked "Start game" on the very beginning of the loading process, what's wrong?
Take a look at your DEP settings, try to set it to "Essential Windows programs only". You shouldn't set it to anything else for security reasons.

Is Snapshot 3 the final version?
No, it is the final snapshot before the first beta release, beta 1.0.

Is there an official website?
Yes, there is! See the links section.

main post   links

GTAForums board:

GTAForums main thread:

Official Discord chat:

Official UG-MP (Official SA-MP adaption to allow for multiplayer gameplay) Discord chat:

Official UG-RP (Official UG-MP roleplaying server) Discord chat:

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RSS Articles

The return of storyline mode in Snapshot 3.4

Most versions of GTA: Underground, excluding Snapshot 2.1 and its patches, do not allow the player to play the GTA: San Andreas storyline. We will re-introduce the ability to do this as of Snapshot 3.4 in the form of an optional modification which has to be installed separately.

Why is the storyline unavailable in the first place?

Mostly because of technical reasons, and because of the fact that we believe that the majority of people simply play this mod for a short time to try out whatever it offers. Introducing the storyline would raise questions about whether or not we should have everything which comes with UG unlocked from the start or not. Snapshot 2.1, as said, did allow you to opt-in and play the storyline, but also giving players the "sandbox experience" which most total conversions for GTA: San Andreas offer.

How will the storyline be implemented?

By default, the mod will still offer "sandbox mode" where all in-game shops, vehicle modification garages, and side missions are unlocked and available from the start, while "storyline mode" will come in the form of an optional mod, rather than by walking in to the red sphere within a certain time after starting a new game, as was the case in Snapshot 2.1.

We held several polls in the past about the details, such as whether or not the player should get a four-star wanted level when flying to Vice City or any other map area introduced by GTA: Underground. This is a common practice in GTA games to keep the focus during a certain part of the storyline on a single part of the map, rather than the entire map. A good example of this is how in both GTA: Vice City and GTA: Vice City Stories only one part of the map is accessable to the player because of hurricanes. Attempting to visit the other areas of the map will result in the player getting a four-star wanted level.

Any map area introduced by GTA: Underground will be unavailable to the player in the same manner.
At least, until the "Saint Marks Bistro" mission is completed. This mission consists of the protagonist (CJ) flying to Liberty City to take out a major Forelli member at the bistro in Portland. This means that players would have to complete more than half of the story just to unlock Vice City, Liberty City, et cetera.

It should be noted that, like in GTA: San Andreas, airplane tickets for flights to Liberty City and Vice City are also unavailable prior to completing this mission.

Here's a screenshot of this in action:

Gta Underground Screenshot 2020

As for unlockables, they will become available after completing the following missions:

  • Safehouses in any map area from any 3D era game outside of GTA: San Andreas and the custom ones exclusive to GTA: Underground will be available after completing Saint Marks Bistro.
  • Ammu-Nation stores outside of San Andreas will become available at the same time as the ones in San Andreas after completing Doberman.
  • The Phil's Fully Cocked stores in Liberty City and Vice City will become available after completing Doberman.
  • Barber stores, tattoo parlors, and restaurants (such Well Stacked Pizza and Burger Shot) outside of San Andreas will become available at the same time as the ones in San Andreas after completing Ryder.
  • Gyms outside of San Andreas will become available at the same time as the ones in San Andreas after completing Drive By.
  • Vehicle modification garages outside of San Andreas will become available at the same time as the ones in San Andreas after completing Cesar Vialpando.
  • As for clothing stores, we have not decided on those yet, but we will most likely look at when they become available in GTA: SA and follow the same pattern.

How close is the feature to being completed?

Pretty close. We already took care of most unlockables with the exception of vehicle modification garages, safehouses, and clothing stores. Some minor changes may be needed for compatibility reasons. Outside of these two things, the feature is complete.

Here's how the in-game looks after completing Ryder - unlockables which are not unlocked yet are not shown on the map. The unfinished ones however are marked on the map because well, they're unfinished.

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 3

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 2

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 1

Some footage

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019

Gta Underground Screenshot 2020

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 1

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 4

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 5

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 6

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 7

Gta Underground Screenshot 2019 8

Underground Multiplayer - The GTA: III BETA multiplayer levels

Underground Multiplayer - The GTA: III BETA multiplayer levels

News 2 comments

Rockstar Games initially planned to include multiplayer in GTA: III. They made a handful of special levels which you could play on with others, however...

Underground Multiplayer - Latest updates

Underground Multiplayer - Latest updates

News 8 comments

We made massive progress on Underground Multiplayer (UG-MP) last year and will continue to do so this year. We are now very close to finishing the client...

Introduction to Underground Roleplay

Introduction to Underground Roleplay

News 3 comments

Underground Roleplay is the upcoming official Roleplaying Server coming for GTA: Underground's Multiplayer platform, Underground Multiplayer (UG-MP).

Snapshot is released!

Snapshot is released!

News 2 comments

What might be the last update for Snapshot 3.3 was released today, fixing the last remaining big issues introduced with 3.3.10. This article covers the...

RSS Files
GTA: Underground Snapshot

GTA: Underground Snapshot

Patch 18 comments

A patch for 3.3.11 which fixes a few minor issues.

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3.11

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3.11

Patch 4 comments

The 11th update for Snapshot 3.3 which includes new vehicles, scripts and other fixes.

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3

Full Version 39 comments

The final snapshot before the first beta release. Contains many bug fixes, improvements, crash fixes, and lots of additional content.

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3

Patch 3 comments

A major update for Snapshot 3. Includes a lot of bug fixes and other improvements.

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3.10 - Standalone Installer

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3.10 - Standalone Installer

Full Version 2 comments

The 10th update for Snapshot 3.3. Includes improvements to the in-game weather for VC and LC, fluffy clouds, and vehicle improvements.

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3.11 - Standalone Installer Lite

GTA: Underground Snapshot 3.3.11 - Standalone Installer Lite

Full Version 9 comments

The 11th update for Snapshot 3.3 which includes new vehicles, scripts and other fixes. This is a 'lite' version which does not have the radio stations...

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RagDoll not work,I hope it can support, this is my most sincere wish。thx!!!

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is this mod work with other mod ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Dear developers, I would like to report a somewhat annoying glitch, it happens almost every time in two occasions: one is entering Easter Basin with any vehicle or attempting to enter any vehicle in the base will cause the game to crash, the other one is when I try to go in a vehicle in the impound garage, with the exact same result. I would really appreciate if you guys fix this problem.

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey can u guys also make the cargobob carry vehicles like it does in gta 5 that way we can use vehicles from differant cities

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

U guys should considrer adding rdr2 map but like of course make it modern. Like add saint denis and all 6 of these states from rdr2 but modernize the maps that way each town is done in san andreas format instead of an rdr2 format and all the dirt roads are replaced with country roads that way you have something to fill in the empty spaces with..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this is sooo cool but im a little confused is every map connected by land like it is in real life?? or is each map its own island? or do u have to take a plane to each area?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

any can explain to me the drop-frame in this game

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This mod does what GTA: United failed to to: Uniting all 3 D Era Maps into gta San Andreas while maintaining (even improving in this case) the original San andreas map.The added cities also feel complete due to added pedestrians/cars/weapons from their prespective games. One can see that the developers put a lot of effort into this and are constantly updating and improving this mod. In my opinion the best total conversion ever made. It is also nearly bug free. This is what any true gta fan ever…

Nov 6 2018 by Urkm8

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