"Global WarZonE" is a total conversion for UT2oo3. It is the year 2048 AD, 5 years after the Third World War (2028-2043). It was a long story, the war started because of a lack of oil, an atomic attack in 2041 on Australia followed. Australia, which was completely destroyed, was not the only country affected, Europe was the main battlefield for the war between the NAC and the EAA in this cruel war and suffered for more than 10 years. Because of the lack of oil and alternative power sources, nuclear power was brought back into use. Its comeback was also initiated by cold fusion, which was very important for the new range of weapons which came into being over the last 20 years. Prototypes were used in war, but they are not perfect yet. Governments-what we knew them as in the past-almost don't exist anymore, execpt for one, which only exists due to its success in technological developement and warfare: It is the NAC The other powerful organisations are syndicates and big firms,...

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