FURY OF THE REAVERS Deathmatch modification. Fight the ultimate opponents in the form of the Reavers, an infinitely respawning destroyer, designed to decimate all opposition... INFO: Enemies Available: Golden Reaver (Complete!) Dark Reaver (Currently In Production) War Godess (CIP) NEW INVENTORY: Anti Reaver Assault Cannon (CIP) Anti Reaver Assault Rifle (CIP) Wraith Force (CIP/almost done) Wraith Shards (Ammo for ARAR & ARAC) (CIP/Almost Done) Ruby Armor & Diamond Thighpads (CIP/Almost Done) THE STORY: One day, a novice Unreal Scripter by the name of Zacman decided the Unreal Tournament bots were to weak and pathetic for him, so he created the Golden Reaver, a bot designed to give him a Challenge. Unfortunately, the bot was too powerful for him to defeat, so he challenged anyone to defeat it without cheats. He began designing 2 more Reavers, to try and defeat the Golden Reaver, however they began to wreak havoc also. Zacman began designing weapons and defences, based on the new...

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Yep, it's Released! The all new Fury of the Reavers Deathmatch Mutator!

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Release time!
-Redeemer replaced with Golden Reaver
-Invisibility replaced by War Godess
-Bog Keg 'o health replaced by War Drone
-Udamage replaced by Dark Reaver
-Pulsegun replacesd by Repulsor Cannon
-Rocket Launcher replaced by Grenade Starter Pack
-Flak Cannon replaced by Anti-Reaver Assault Rifle
-War Godess drops the deadly Anti-Tank Cannon
-Wraith Energy makes for complete invisibility at terrible cost
-Mystery boxes-Smash to create spawn point for one of 3 pickups!
-New armors: Reaver Chestguard and Ruby armor!
-Reavers work together in Team based Games!

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