Freespace 2: Halo is a total conversion modification of Freespace 2. Using the FS2Open engine for added functionality, FS2H brings the Halo Universe alive like never before. Pilot the starships of the UNSC as you battle rebels and Covenant alike. Utilize an arsenal of weapons and survive harrowing space battles to protect humanity. Answer the call!


FS2H is now on Mod DB! Feel free to look around; more is on the way.

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What is FS2H?

What started out as a spare-time hobby has evolved into a total conversion modification. It has taken me almost four years to compile tools, learn how to use them, and crank out models and textures. Thanks to a healthy Freespace 2 modding community I have been able to go even further using the Source Code Project's FSOpen engine. When completed, Freespace 2: Halo will incorporate over 70 different ships, a massive arsenal of weaponry, and alien @$#-kicking missions that will leave you wanting more! As of now, FS2H will be divided into three chapters, with a demo and several "mini-chapters" in between. And if that isn't enough to whet your apetite, I'm anticipating that a bucketload of fan-created missions and campaigns will follow, ensuring that everyone can get their fill of hull-busting, fightercraft-vaporizing, ship-on-ship carnage.

Why would I play it?

If you ever played Freespace (1 or 2) you know the engine is tops. Though the original code wasn't prime in comparison to newer games, it has made a huge comeback thanks to the modding community. They have made this game rock in a whole new way. FS2H just adds even more awesome-sauce to the already huge variety of modifications that have been done using this engine.

Now if you never played Freespace, I would recommend it. Playing Freespace is like playing a first-person shooter with NO GRAVITY and HUGE levels. Personally I'm also a Descent fan, and Freespace just took the limits from an already great game and blew them away. The game is simple to play but difficult to master, almost requiring that you know your way around the keyboard. You can micro-manage your gameplay by ordering squad mates, changing reactor output to your ship's component, and choosing what weapons, even what ship, you take into battle.

Who will it appeal to?

If you love space-based games, fighter sims, FPS's, you should give it a try. If you loved Freespace, take it for a spin for old time's sake. If you love Halo, you should give it a chance and see if it lives up to the name.

If you're looking for an RTS or an MMORPG...why are you reading this?!?

FS2H was created as a hobby, a creative outlet, and to have fun. Likewise, you should play it for the same reasons. I can't think of a better way to waste ten, twenty, thirty...sixty minutes of your day than to blow the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks outta some aliens...IN SPACE!


The Demo to FS2H will be coming out in February 2008. Make sure to check back and give it a spin. In the meantime, all questions, comments, and ideas are welcome. I'll keep posting new screenshots and videos as they come. ENJOY!

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