Frontlines FOREVER will transform your COD4MW in the most complete & diverse FPS game EVER made! With MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Random Options that you could play it FOREVER without ANY repetition! Of course we are not talking about the size of the files, or people involved or even the work needed to be made. We are talking about gameplay diversity, something that each new game released are lacking a little more on each release. Probably something of this size will never be made again. This HUGE mod brings 52 gametypes, Airborne Mode to ALL gametypes, Help Mode to ALL team-based gametypes, Random Objectives, Stars & Medals System, over 2400 Weapons Modes with 16 pre-defined modes, the famous War Server, HER for the realism fans with lots of Blood and Gore, Airborne support, an Intelligent Server and many other new features NEVER done to any FPS game before. More info @

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The brand new version of Frontlines is called FOREVER! Simply because you can play it forever... without repeat! Enjoy 50 Gametypes and several modes to play with them like the famous Airborne Mode from Black Frontlines. The EPIC MOD is Back! And now is FOREVER!

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Understand Why Frontlines Forever is the most diverse FPS game ever created!

In the original game we have only 6 gametypes
In Frontlines we have 50 gametypes (really!)

But in Frontlines we have several stuff that can be added to each gametype:

. Help Mode, the system copied by COD Zombies
. Airborne Mode, play with parachutes landing EVERYWHERE!
. Weapons Modes, play with different weapons/rules with 16 pre-defined and over 2400 combinations
. We also have the War FX which will add randomly Smoke/Fire to each round.
. Random Objectives Locations to each round.

Ok, imagine how many different combinations we already have available to play?

50 gametypes x 2 (Help Mode On/Off) x 2 (Airborne Mode On/Off) x 2400 Weapons Modes = 480000 combinations to play the same map without couting the War FX and Random Objectives Locations.

So you need to multiply that with the number of maps available in your server. Since Frontlines can handle with a huge number of maps, you can have easily 200 maps in the rotation of your server... so will be 480000 x 200 = 96.000.000 options available.

And of course, you can turn on/off several other stuff like Medic System, Anti-Camping, Realism Level,Spawn Protection, etc... that will make this number even higher.

So playing a WAR on WAR SERVER with all these options and with dynamic battlefields will be something extremely vast for any of us play in our lifetime.

But now we have a Random Recursive Engine for make Random Objectives Locations, which will change the locations of them on all maps and gametypes (with objectives of course).

This means Flags and Bombsites will move around randomly in a smart way across previous work made by this new engine created, which will garantee balance and dynamic gameplay on each round you play. Yes! Will change on every round.

For exemple, if you play a basic gametype like Domination in a medium size map, we can have 3, 4 or even 5 flags which are decided randomly in the loading time. With that alone we have around ONE MILLION combinations, and over FOUR MILLIONS combinations to really large maps.

Since Frontlines have several gametypes with objectives, and lots of them with combined objectives of flags and bombsites for exemple, this number become something unmeasurable like counting all the stars in the universe.

So next time you play Frontlines, enjoy that moment, because you will NEVER EVER play that exact game again in your lifetime. So for at least the next ONE MILLION times you play that map, will be for sure different.

Enjoy a brand new experience in every round!

Play it FOREVER!

Check the New Features and Status HERE

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