Forcemod 3 adds a ridgid class system to JA, where each class is strong in certin ways and weaker in others. in each class there are diffrent people you can be, such as in droid class you could be a battle droid. each person has advanges and disadvantages. This is a build off of Forcemod 2, which was for JK2, and is of the same style. The classes you can be include, Jedi, Sith, Droid, Mercenary, Military, and Species. Each calss consists of the following players. For the Jedi Class, you can be a Warden, a Aurorian, a Sentinel or Ancient One. For Sith you can be a Cardinal, a Zealot, a Crypt Guardian or a Dark Sage. For the Droid class you can be a Battle Droid, a Super Battle Droid, a Droideka, a Assassin Droid, or a DarkTrooper. For the Mercenary class you can be a Mandalorian, a Bounty Hunter, a HotShot, or a Commando. For the Military class you can be a StormTrooper, a SpaceTrooper, a CloneTrooper, a Royal Guard, or a ARC Trooper. For the Species class you can be a Wookiee, a Tusken...

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