A few hours after Adrian Shephard and his squat got scattered allover the Black Mesa Complex, headquarter sent a rescue team to search the lost crew.

flippedoutkyrii says

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Quite literally one of the most detailed HL modding experiences I have ever had.

Everything from the brushwork to the texture placement and even the scripted events are breathtaking for such an old game such as Half-Life. The vents, the pipes running along the walls, the shattered glass, the overgrown labs, everything is so articulately detailed it left me in awe. I literally just stared at some maps for over 15 minutes in some places.

That being said, the game-play feels more like an adventure then a shoot-em-up, which I feel is right at home with the level of detail present. Not to mention the flow, the enemy placement and the pacing is top-notch.

Once I was finished, I was left wanting more. I sincerely hope the modder is still working on the modding scene, his skills are one of a kind.

Any fan of Half-Life should not miss Focal Point!

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Allright, just finished it :) WOW, what a wonderfull Mod.... i really really enjoyed the mod and it had a lot of nice ideas and somehow a fresh unique look. I cant really say that i found something that i really dislike , mostly normal hl1 bugs like elevator stuck or not moving scientists :D Some buttons were so small i didnt saw them on the first time. Too the "Cards" are super small :) maybe add a sprite so you can see them =) *Spoiler* The Rock you need to shoot, i nearly started to cheat there…

Feb 19 2013 by Trempler