As the Battle on Installation 04 rages on between the Covenant and UNSC forces, an evil so terrible lies silently in slumber. In the pursuit of knowledge and power, the Covenant unleash a force that even they fear. As Containment Facilities across Alpha Halo are breached, one in particular is at the forefront of this. On a lone island in the middle of Installation 04's many seas, a facility unlike the others contains something that will make the Flood thousands of times more formidable to combat. A Gravemind lies dormant deep inside the recesses of this vault. The Battle for Installation 04 is about to reach its pinnacle.

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Content Update News post regarding our Flood Carrier Variants.

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Another content update, admittedly, a bit late.

This week we're showing off our new Flood Carrier Variations. Another addition in our attempt to make the Mod feel more gruesome. This time, we've got Carriers with body parts hanging out, in addition to a carrier that's a bit harder to kill than usual....

Here's a front picture of our Flood Carrier Variations(Note: The original Carrier will still be present):

Flood Carrier Variants

And a shot from the back:

Flood Carrier Variants

And yes, some of them do have more than one head attached.

All of these variants (and possibly more) will be present in our mod. And will, when they're finished, sport a nice Flood styled overlay texture over the body parts. With the exception of the Jackal Shield Carrier, none of these Carriers offers any different gameplay style. Although, we are tweaking the amount of infection forms launched upon death, and we may lower the amount for Carriers with limbs attached.

Here's a short video showing them off, and them killing a couple of Grunts:

As usual here is an alternate link on Youtube

Next week, we show off our new Covenant Mortar Turret!

I'd just like to add that we're currently looking for people who can Texture. If you're interested in helping us, then contact LoneWarrior via pm on HaloMaps or Moddb. Please also send us some pictures of your work.


Very creative! I look forward to trying this out :)

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Probably adding other games (such as Half Life) zombie sounds would be good and give it more of that horror feeling.

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Thor says no

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LoneWarrior Author

I'm afraid I agree with Captain Perfect. Zombie sounds from other games are un-needed as we have perfectly good Flood sounds from Halo 1 and 2 that we can use.

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