Firefight Descent is not your average firefight. With a focus on cinematic vibes and player interaction, this map takes cues from many of the things that made past firefights great.

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This map is a very well put together piece, with the music selection being 10/10 and the overall gameplay being 11/10. It is an amazing piece of work, and I am glad Pepzee, Thunda and Mooose saw it through. Great work.


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This is the best Firefight map for Halo: CE.
And, ¡I make a vídeo of this!

Dude, I got this map from, and it's freaking awesome. It currently seems to be unmathced quality-wise, in my opinion at least.
Also, I love the music. It really pulls it together for me.
The only issue that I experienced on here was a couple of spots in the air where projectiles and nades could not pass through, but they're rather easy to avoid unless using a rocket launcher.


A nice firefight map that combines the best ideas from ones that came before it, and then adds on to it.

The BSP is for the most part very well designed and resembles Crater from Halo 3: ODST. However the spawn point lacks sufficient cover, and the green hallways cannot be accessed by AI, making it a little too easy to camp there.

The difficulty curve of the map is well done too, and matches what you'd expect from a Halo firefight map.

There is also a nice selection of custom weaponry available, along with fresh new bipeds.

Some of the tags have some small issues, eg. the drones collision isn't up to par and the sentinel shields flicker constantly. But for the most part these don't affect gameplay too much.

The map is definitely one of the best and most polished firefight maps currently available for Halo Custom Edition, and was the first one using a custom BSP as far as I'm aware. The custom BSP uses a daring color scheme, but pulls it off very well.

All things considered I find this map deserves an 8/10. A 10/10 would imply it was perfect, while a 7/10 seems mediocre/average. The map has that in-your-face wow factor, but some minor imperfections in the tags and some of the design keep it from reaching a perfect score.

Nonetheless a fantastic effort, especially considering what a small team worked on this. Congrats guys!



The best Firefight-based map you can get for Halo: Custom Edition as of now in this year. Hope they'll make more alongside the Halo: CE community. Great job on working this map for quite some time. Bueno amigos, a job well done!

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