Fear Cry demo so far includes two fully playable levels. Complete mod will include 4-6 levels. Mod I personally tested several times in different situations and hopefully, I managed to eliminate all bugs. Fear Cry requires the game Far Cry patched to version 1.4. Your mission is to deliver the consignment to the appointed place. Path is not easy, because it leads through enemy territory and enemies tries to thwart transport. Consignment is also vulnerable to shocks, the road is long, slow and very dangerous. It will be hard work, a large portion of the fight, and logical thinking. If you have a problem with buggy damage, or lack of fuel, there are places, where you can refuel or repair the buggy. You can also refuel buggy from finded canisters. Good luck.

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Challenging without being overly hard. A couple easy puzzles to complete. Fairly attractive landscape. LOTS OF FUN!!


In everyone FarCry there should be monsters,from it го the spirit grasps...

While the level design is beautiful and the action is frantic, the gameplay falls flat.

Because the Jeep your supposed to drive is carrying around a bomb that either blows up from doing sweet jumps or braking too hard, I ended up walking throughout much of the mod and cleared the way before SLOWLY driving down the ridiculously bumpy road.

In it's current state, regardless of it's good design, it's just not very fun and rather boring.

My recommendations for another release, would be to reduce the amount of bumps in the road and to increase the amount of damage the buggy can take.


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