"They're on a one-way trip.... to HELL!!"

1.6 (changelog below)

Campaign, Versus, Scavenge, Survival, Mutation

5 (Campaign & Versus), 3 (Survival), 4 (Scavenge)

Bill, Zoey, Louis, Francis


Fatal Freight: Remastered is a 5-chapter campaign created with a strong focus on delivering balanced gameplay on all difficulties and gametypes. Each level has undergone extreme testing and tweaking to put them on par with the official campaigns from Valve. Fatal Freight: Remastered offers new and veteran players alike a dramatic and highly entertaining experience from start to finish while modelling the original and iconic coop gameplay that has made the Left 4 Dead series so successful.

In this new edition of the campaign, drastic improvements have been made to the campaign on almost all fronts.
You can expect crisper visuals powered by AI-enhanced textures and revamped/improved lighting, shadowing, and color palettes designed to give the campaign its own unique feel.
Functionally, things have been even more polished, with plenty of improvements on bot navigation, collision optimization, and rebalancing.
There have been a plethora of bug fixes shipped with this update, including the ever-famous "stringtable" crash present on Dedicated Servers.

After crashing their vehicle, the survivors find themselves holed up in a small tunnel at the edge of the forest. With supplies running low and the frigid winter looming on the horizon, there is little hope for survival. Suddenly, a strange voice comes through the radio. A man, claiming to have a means of escape is holed up at a freight train depot a few miles away. Seeing it as their best option, the survivors grab their remaining supplies and head out into the woods..


- 5 full-length chapters
- Balanced for all difficulties including Realism Expert
- Refreshing environments spanning from dense woods, a sugar factory, a cliff-side highway, & more!
- Support for all stock L4D2 gametypes (Campaign, Versus, Scavenge, Survival, and most Mutations)
- Levels designed specifically around a hectic competitive (Versus & Scavenge) experience
- Custom saferoom graffiti
- Custom soundtrack
- Custom voice acting

Remastered Features
- Improved texture quality (through AI)
- Drastically improved lighting
- Plenty of bugfixes (including adding stringtables)
- Overall polish on the navigation mesh, core gameplay, and balancing


Download and extract the VPK to your steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/addons directory


Special Thanks:

Chaos - Voice acting
Wabbit - Custom graffiti


Don't rip any maps out of this campaign for the purpose of editing / re-releasing them without asking me first.


Hope you have as much fun playing the campaign as I did creating it!

- Tamari
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Fatal Freight: Remastered


1.6 is Released.

This is the Final version of the campaign.
The main feature of this update is fixing the Stringtable Dictionary crash on the finale and improving the overall polish of the campaign. To do this, I've increased the resolution of most textures by a factor of about 4x -- done using an AI. Other polish work includes improved navigation for bots and infected as well as more detailed environments.


Release v1.6 - Final

- Added stringtable dictionaries for all maps.
- Updated saferoom graffiti again

Improved visuals
- Most, if not all, level textures have had their resolution quadrupled
- Lighting and shadows have been drastically improved
- Map geometry has more definition: cylinders, arches, etc have more sides/faces
- Added more detail props/meshes
- Added more gore, decals, and overall wear and tear to the maps
- Added more particle effects and ambient sounds

Improved clipping
- Added more boundary clip brushes to stop Survivors from getting out of the map in certain areas
- Added more clip brushes around protruding geometry and props

Improved navigation mesh
- Liberally added PLAYERCLIP to specific nodes to help the Survivor AI path better
- Added more nav zones for AI infected to spawn in, particularly on top of buildings and behind map borders
- Hooked up more infected ladders to the nav mesh to allow AI infected to navigate better

Specific Levels
Map 4: Changed the parking lot area just outside the spawn building

- Added Custom Boss Spawning System to all maps in Versus Mode.
- Type !boss in chat after leaving the saferoom to see exactly where the Tank and Witch will spawn
- Tanks and Witches now ALWAYS spawn on Maps 1-4 on Versus Mode

Rebalanced a lot of areas for competitive play
- Removed some of the hittable cars in the parking lot at the end of Map 1
- Removed a few hittable cars and static vehicles at the Flood Gate in Map 2
- Removed several cars from the highway in Map 3 as well as some hittables
- Removed a few vehicles from the first outdoor section of Map 4

Added more infected ladders to all maps
- Removed several infected clips to open up new areas
- All infected ladders have had their width normalized to 28 units. No more thin infected ladders

Fatal Freight - 1.4 Released!

Fatal Freight - 1.4 Released!


Updates, updates, updates! Still alive and kicking! This will most likely be one of the final updates for the campaign before I move onto other projects.

Fatal Freight - 1.3 Released!

Fatal Freight - 1.3 Released!


Hey everyone, another new update for the campaign! This is the largest update yet, fixing a large array of technical problems and gameplay issues. Thanks...

Fatal Freight - 1.2 Released!

Fatal Freight - 1.2 Released!


Fatal Freight 1.2 is out! Hey guys, just dropping this update here for you all :). This newest version consists of some minor, but important fixes I have...

Fatal Freight - 1.1 Released!

Fatal Freight - 1.1 Released!


Fatal Freight 1.1 is out! See the main post for the entire changelog!

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Fatal Freight: Remastered (v1.6 Final)

Fatal Freight: Remastered (v1.6 Final)

Full Version

The final release of Fatal Freight. Features texture resolution increases, crash/bug fixes, improved navigation mesh, and overall polish improvements.

Fatal Freight - Release 1.5

Fatal Freight - Release 1.5

Full Version 3 comments

The full 1.4 update for Fatal Freight w/ 1.5 Hotfix

zoom63 - - 224 comments

Hello, it's very unfortunate that you abandoned the Simon's Book project: The Chronicles

If there are source codes and you did not delete the upload please

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Cpl. William
Cpl. William - - 759 comments

Looking pretty fine. It's worth to try it.

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ds64 - - 33 comments

Will it be published to workshop?

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TamariTM Creator
TamariTM - - 5 comments

It's already on the workshop! :)

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Leo#7 - - 4 comments

How to Download it ?

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QuakeLiveB4ZE - - 8 comments

Sounds good yeah!!!

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SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments

Sounds good.

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