A C130 Hercules carrying twenty crates of general cargo and five crates of top secret prototype weapons has crashed near the old British atomic testing range in South Australia. The region is huge but sparsely populated. Native villages, holiday resorts,opal-mining operations, military bases, abandoned industrial sites, radioactive anomalies, etc complicate Jack Carver's mission to recover the cargo. Mapping and level design by vals_evil_twin and Lionel_101.

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jackdaw_l says

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Gameplay up to standard, totally bug free, nice vehicles with radio music. Revival of the mymod landspeeder from StarWars. Plenty of non vanilla objects. With twenty five crates to collect, an onscreen list would have been handy, but they were listed at the start of each map. Weapons carried over to the second map. Heaps of trackview sequences, cut scenes. Readme had lots of info. Enjoyed it a lot.


Vobler.Vob says

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Found one monster, why they are few and few enemies. In general, the mod is cool and a lot of work is invested. The ending ended, but I accidentally caught the clue I wanted to continue. I'll preview it soon ...
Нашёл одного монстра-почему их мало и врагов немного
В общем мод классный и много труда вложено.удивила концовка,но случайно попалась разгадка полазил вволю хочу продолжения.скоро будет превью...


XenosMadafaka says

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So much errors and glitches!!!


CheekiBreekiJr says

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Nothing much to say.Awesome work by Elouise.Weapons are really good.Only cons is that it is too big


Elouise says

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I hate giving a mark out of ten. But comparing to FarCry mods by one man teams like id0 and Skr1pt, it would be a solid 6. But not bad from a young girl from a small country town, VET. Props to Lionel for quality control, no bugs or wrinkles. I loved the seventies music on the radios. This took me days to get through. And I will take a replay more slowly to find all the side areas. Teleports were cool. The vehicles also cool. Pink buggy is a shocker for the guys. At least you didn't do pink gloves on Jack's hands. I printed out a list of all the crate pickups, and was able to tick off all. Influence of sp_Explore maps was there, lots of locations, and nice use of foggy interiors. Sparse combat might put some players off, but I found enough mercs to shoot. No mutants. I thought with the A-Bomb radiated setting there could be mutated animals around. Nice to see an Australian mod,complete with kangaroos. Boing! boing! Ten out of ten for enjoyment, but does not pretend to be up there with the top mods of CE1.

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