This mod is a complete overhaul of FOT. Aimed at revising the single player camp. of FOT, to make the game more non-linear and to give the player more choice. This mod is a weapons bonanza, as all of the weapons (one version) from Fallout, and Fallout: 2 will be added. Not including all of the new firearms that the team has already added into the game. The original missions are being modded to allow the player a few different ways to finish the a mission. Every item/weapon/armor is being re-balanced to make each one distinct. Even the sounds are left unchanged as each weapon, will have a distinct set of sounds instead of them all using the same default sounds. The special encounters are being overhauled to make then more useful (particularly the ones without a point). Commodities will reflect in value i.e. a military ration pack will be worth a nice chunk of change. Atmosphere is the key and that is what this mod strives for.

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Latest Update: New splash screen, map progress update, 8 new weapon sprites, and a video highlighting the weapon upgrade process

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First off, is the new splash screen for the main menu.
*WIP* Main Menu
The image is the same logo/preview image that I've been using for the mod. Feedback would be greatly appreciated

Next up the progress update on the mapping for Mission 1.
*WIP* Mission 1
The map is really starting to come together but there is more than plenty to finish before it is 100%. In this shot you can see the passage connecting the subway to the cavern system which stands at 65% complete.


New Hunting RifleM1 Garand

Negev Light MG Standard

Three new (standard) weapons sprites, all of which have upgraded variants. Of particular mention is the new sprites for the Hunting Rifle; which began as a plain jane M14, and with the addition of a thumb-hole stock, plus the sights/flash hider from an AR-15, the hunting rifle emerged.

HK 416 Carbine UpgradeHK 416 Sniper Upgrade
Hunting Rifle UpgradedM1 Garand Upgraded

Negev Light MG Upgraded

Five new (upgraded) weapon sprites, two for the HK 416 Rifle which was presented in last weeks news update. As one major point of this mod is to allow the player a range of choices multiple upgraded version of a weapon, will be when possible i.e. the HK 416 has the sniper upgrade or the carbine upgrade.

While on the subject of weapon upgrades here is a video with the rough unrefined upgrade process.

In the effort of allowing the player as much choice as possible in this mod, the mod team has also planned for the weapon upgrading process to be reversible allowing for a player to adapt his or her weapons at any bunker.

Last but most definitely not least, I would like to welcome the two newest additons to the mod team: L Train and VitaminD . Their band Pistol Moustache will be doing the new music for the mod.


Nice update, I just can't wait to try the weapon upgrading process in game.

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VengeFulSniper Author

Thanks, as of right now it is a little rocky. As the triggers for the upgrade process are rather complex, and limited when it comes to the movement of items in an npcs inventory.

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Very good update, I'm loving that weapons images. Keep up the good work, not many people still makes mods for Fallout Tactics.

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