This mod is a complete overhaul of FOT. Aimed at revising the single player camp. of FOT, to make the game more non-linear and to give the player more choice. This mod is a weapons bonanza, as all of the weapons (one version) from Fallout, and Fallout: 2 will be added. Not including all of the new firearms that the team has already added into the game. The original missions are being modded to allow the player a few different ways to finish the a mission. Every item/weapon/armor is being re-balanced to make each one distinct. Even the sounds are left unchanged as each weapon, will have a distinct set of sounds instead of them all using the same default sounds. The special encounters are being overhauled to make then more useful (particularly the ones without a point). Commodities will reflect in value i.e. a military ration pack will be worth a nice chunk of change. Atmosphere is the key and that is what this mod strives for.

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The long-overdue update includes new weapons, a special group of upgraded weapons, a demo of working claymore mines, a new song for the mod, and a status update on the demo.

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First up, the new weapons

New Weapon Sprite IMI UZIAR-57 Sprites

ST SAR-21 SpritesSteyr TMP

Upgraded M79 SpritesFN FiveSeven

Flechette pistol Energy SMG

Claymore Mine Sprites

Of particular mention are the Flechette Pistol or the Manticore Assault Pistol (courtesy of Diomedes2), the AR-57 which fires 5.7x29mm ammunition (same ammo the P90/FiveSeven uses) and the still unnamed energy SMG.

A word about the new energy weapons I'm going to add both energy weapons that are look futuristic in appearance and energy weapons that resemble those already in-game i.e. '50s sci-fi.

Next up the Covert Weapons

Crossbow Pistol SpritesCrossbow Sprites

FN FiveSeven SilencedSteyr TMP Silenced

These weapons will be used in a side-line story track and will be the only projectile weapons available for use (without a major penalty) during those missions. I'm planning to at least add the following: another silenced pistol/smg, a silenced assault rifle and a silenced sniper rifle. The silenced SMG and pistol are upgrade forms of the standard variants where as the two crossbows are unique weapons.

The battlefield just became a little more dangerous, these Claymore mines where created by "Gunner of Shi" for the mod and they can be setup for either proximity or remote detonation. These mines are excellent for ambushes or defensive use.

This track was done by Pistol Moustache for the cave area in Mission 1. Pistol Moustache, has been doing an excellent job with the music for the mod.

Finally, the status update for the demo. The release of the demo has been delay by a number of things; however most of them have been totally resolved. The progress on the demo is back on track and the demo barring, no more snags should be completed soon.


Great work.
Good luck for your mod!

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Glad to see it going along so well.

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kann es kaum noch erwarten bis die demo da ist. fot revised wird ein hammer game werden

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