This mod will add new puppets to Japan and France among other countries.

Current new nations:

  • Added puppet: Algeria to France
  • Added puppet: Indochina to France
  • Added puppet: Korea to Japan
  • Added puppet: Belgian Congo to Belgium
  • Added puppet: Kwantung Territories to Japan
  • Added puppet: Ukraine for Soviet Union
  • Added puppet: Belarus for Soviet Union

To do:

  • Make puppet: Palestinian Mandate for Britain
  • Make puppet: Syrian Mandate for France
  • Make new leaders for Algeria and Indochina
  • Make focus trees for puppets (#really low priority)
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What is Expanded Nations?

  • Expanded Nations is a mod that predominantly includes a series of puppets to the French, Japanese, Belgians, British and Soviets. At a later date, new focuses will be added to the puppets.

What nations are already included?

  • Nations already done are:
    • Indochina- France
    • Algeria- France
    • Korea- Japan

What nations are being added?

  • New nations I'm planning on adding are:
    • Belgian Congo
    • Kwantung Territories
    • Palestinian Mandate
    • Syrian Mandate
    • Ukraine
    • Belarus

Some screenshots of the mod in progress:

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Expanded Nations v1.1

Expanded Nations v1.1

Full Version

Added some new nations and fixed a few minor issues but otherwise, it's the same as the 1.0 release.

Expanded Nations v1.0 release

Expanded Nations v1.0 release

Full Version 4 comments

The first release of the Expanded Nations mod for HOI4.

Guest - - 699,236 comments

What about Lebanon?
It's not concidered a part of Syria

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Deathblade100 Creator
Deathblade100 - - 936 comments

It's not part of Syria. It's just the same colour as it due to me using the same colour for puppets.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
lrodriguescastanheir - - 2 comments

Maybe you can make Mozambique or Angola puppets of Portugal

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Deathblade100 Creator
Deathblade100 - - 936 comments

I am planning on adding those in this current build.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
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