Europe 1805 is set in the Napoleonic Era. It has improved graphics, models and offers a lot of gameplay features. From investing in towns, enterprises, houses, shares to building defensive structures, formations, combat abilities et cetera!

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Patch 2.1 brings many fixes and improvements! Companion dialogues have been fixed, helping in sieges no longer results in fighting at the edge of the scene without a fort and a lot more!

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- Lucretia is a woman now.
- Companions dialogues fixed. I had to remove 2 companions due to game limits (Fouché & Johnny). They will be released as minimods later.
- Town information only updates when owning towns now.
- Joining sieges no longer drops you at the edge of the scene.
- Forging Brown Bess at weaponsmith has now correctly displayed cost of 2 iron.
- No more +0 or -0 morale for items.
- No more Sword Sisters, but Cavalry Maidens now.
- Invisible boots no longer gives error messages.
- Upgrading structures in your village now upgrades the structure you chose.
- Fixed dialogues regarding upgrading buildings in village.
- Changed names of Montenegrin vassals.
- Announcing events at towns is only possible if town treasury has sufficient money.
- Visiting your own fort no longer results in being thrown to the edge of the scene.
- Being vassal of a Revolutionary State now allows you to recruit soldiers.
- Greek revolutionaries now wear melee weapons.
- Refreshing town data per week no longer reports a script error.
- Prussian headwear replaced.

- Fixed some language errors in the guide
- Added extra text to village elder. So when you don’t have enough resources, he will tell you to walk to a parchment on the wall at the stockpile.
- Marshall of factions are now called: Chancellor.
- Horse Archery is now called Mounted Marksmanship
- Saxon Grenadiers wear bearskins now.
- New sounds


- Flagbearers & Drummers do not walk together with their own regiment on the battlefield.
- Lock ups and crashes leaving towns after travelling with stagecoach.
QUICKFIX: visit the tavern and press 'esc'.

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