The EuroLeague Project is essentially an add-on for the EA Sports latest basketball installment: NBA - Live 2005 . As such, it adds the European most prominent basketball league, the EuroLeague, to the already existent American NBA League. The project will virtually enable you to play real-life European basketball as never been played, or seen, on your PC. FEATURES: * Complete and accurate rosters for all 24 team. * Realistic new gameplay, intended to exactly imitate the European style of basketball. * Over 200 unique cyberfaces, made especially for the Euroleague. * Lifelike Arenas (courts, stadiums) for all teams. * Authentic jerseys for all teams. * Fresh logo-sets for all team. * Complete set of portrait pictures for all players. * Extras: new European ball, official referee's uniforms, Euroleague icons. * + 2 additional teams: Eastern and Western European-Stars teams (including unique logos, jerseys, arena).

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