Speed, Loads and now with your friends! ETS2MP is a mod in alpha for the game Euro Truck Simulator allowing you to participate in convoys with people from all over the world on our Global Servers! Make new friends as you venture around Europe ensuring that you stick to the time limits or your company might get a fine! Trucking could never be more real, however don't forget mistakes can cost you! With over 600,000 registered users and 6,000 online at once, you'll never be alone. You can either power around Europe on your own or you can join one of many Virtual Trucking Companies created for the ETS2 community, with the CEO able to buy and sell trucks, hire and fire drivers you need to keep up the good work or face the sack! Will you cope?

"Deliver the goods with your friends"
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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Zarryc says

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Bunch of hackers. That is all i can say about it. Comments are full of guests, so you provably just made ton of new accounts to vote for you huh? Well shame on you then, you filthy peasants. Other modders could have used that Unreal 4 subscription god damn it...


Waited this for two years! And finally we can play the ETS2MP

So apart from some of the trolls that any multiplayer game has, and a few bugs, that are to be expected from a 1 man development team, this is a great idea. Turning a singleplayer game into a massively multiplayer game makes for a great experience.

Want to drive with your friends? Well, that's the entire point of this. So you can do just that.

Who knew that creating a simple multiplayer modification is the best mod ever to be created on MOD DB?

This mod took away my #6 spot.

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*sigh* Once upon a time a lovely flower grew large enough to eat zombies. And when that flower did that, I went, "whoah this game is awesome!"

The fact that who ever is doing this mod is cheating the votes is why I give this a 1. hardly ANY effort went into this mod compared to sins star trek mod, Rise of the reds, etc. Screw the author of this crap slight modification that does not even justify to be in the top 50.

People put a lot of time and effort into their created mods, poor their hearts and souls into them, but some idiot and come along with a insignificant small modification, then create multiple accounts and cheat in the voting to what is already a game that does not even deserve to be sold publicly.

The mod is a great way to meet new people that are amazing, MWL is dedicated and moves the mod forward.

The only negative side of the mod is the trollers, but this is not really a fault of the mod.


Melhor mod que fizeram ate hoje para o estilo.Ainda mais agora com essa futuras atualizações do carro de policia e do doubler trailer, esta top, parabéns equipe do muliplayer

Absolutely fantastic. Plays pretty stable and takes ETS2 experience to a next level. I have played in single player for a while, yet after just less than a day playing online I have doubts if I'll ever go back to playing alone.


One of the best game mod I've ever seen. It is amazing. The community is really nice and the admins do there job perfectly. For a small team like this, it is really good. Also the server are well synced and the update are nice.

This game is very cool and can be easily mod. They are many mods for trucks and map. ETS2 is easy to take in hand. To have 10/10 ETS2 must have better graphics, more road, and a better menu.

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Waited this for two years! And finally we can play the ETS2MP

May 4 2014 by mitch547