Your name is Alex Johnes. You're one of scientists caught up in the Black Mesa disaster. After being trained in a special Black Mesa self-defense course three months ago, you're unwilling to accept the sure death as your destiny. You will neither let the troops catch you, nor will they wipe you out. Make your way. Find Gordon Freeman. He is the last hope that drives you traveling on...

the-middleman says

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Just played through this mod. It was funny and the makers are very creative. I really liked being away from boring black mesa.

Unfortunately I couldnt really enjoy this mod because of the bugs und design flaws. Non of these errors was really bad but the great number of them kind of ruined the expirience. I couldnt walk 10 meters without walking into a bug or another annoyance.

It feels like the game wasnt really playtested that much. Right now I give it 6/10. This game needs a patch. With all the bugs sorted out I would give it an 8/10.

- Very nice mapping/Beatiful scenery
- Creativity: No boring black mesa
- New content: Textures, sounds, models, weapons, enemies

- Bugs! So many of em
- Getting stuck in the landscape all the time (something wrong with the brushwork or the compilers)
- Dead ends. (Either make it a linear shooter or make it a non-linear shooter where different ways lead to the goal. But dont make it a maze with different ways but only one is the right one and the others are bad ends)
- English. Is it so hard to find a native english speaker to look over your sounds?
- Music. Music that you like ≠ good soundtrack
- No autosave. You must have autosaves. Especially after long cutscenes.

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Thank you very much.
Great pleasure to play this.
Mapper is talented guy, with BIG imagination.
Unique athmosphere, thank you.

Mar 29 2013 by VladGuardian