Tired of same old marshmellow milked wall texture and sprite quality? Here's a project that will blow your underwear out in space! Encrapment is based on JPEG engine and it's goal is to retexturize every possible element of art (wheter it's a wall, sprite, limbo, menu etc.) in the game Wolfenstein 3D. Well, it's a really a LOT of work and if you're at least half-brain, you would easily figure it out that the concept of this is mod is R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D. To tell you the truth, this mod may already have the MOST RETARDED MOD IDEA ON EARTH (..interviews? awards? anyone?) So be very prapared! ...(it's out, man)...

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Encrapment 2006

Encrapment 2006

News 3 comments

Finally, the dream (nightmare?) of every Wolfenstein 3D mod maker has shoven herein the daylight! Encrapment *FULL* smashes the history with even more...

ECRAPMENT *final* comes roaring through the pavement

News 1 comment

I've finished it! Even more textures, even more crapy enemies, all encraped sounds, it's the complete crap! As a bonus, you'll get "Read...

Encrapment BETA released!

News 3 comments

After quite a huge lack of time, Encrapment has been released for public betatesting. All original Wolfenstein 3D (shareware) material was revamped, plus...

the internal joy of Encrappment


Finnaly, I've put all retexturized material I had into the game, meaning the mod progress has just moved to an entirely new state: internal alpha release...

The everlasting progress of Encrapment...

The everlasting progress of Encrapment...

News 3 comments

Right now, I'm cut off with FloEdit, so encrapment is halted until next week. That's right fellows - Halt! No more encrapment this week! Bye bye encrapmentsie...

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