This is an update. It has been completely clean with the "Enchanted Editor" by Farren Hayden. Deleted many cells that did not belong. You will need 7zip to open the file. This mod has a few new things. Has two very powerful weapons. Has two new potions. One for speed and one for Magicka. Mercenaries, that you can hire, in the Wizard's House in Seyda Neen. Two quests. One quest is easy. The requires you to be at a high level. Has houses that you walk into not teleport to. These houses are in Seyda Neen. Has two houses that are locked. You need to do the quests to get the keys. One of the locked houses is in Seyda Neen. The other is out side of Balmora (South Gate). These houses have goodies. It has new spells: Elemental Blast Fire Blast Fly Fast Summon 3Winged Twilight Summon 3Greater Bonewalker Summon 3Skeletal Minion Summon 3Flame Atronach 3Dwemer Animunculi My Gold Saint My Invisibility Read the text file 4 more INFO.

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