Empires, the award winning Half-Life 2 mod, combines the best of the first person shooter and real-time strategy genres. Fight as either the Northern Faction, remnants of the fallen nation of Jekotia, or as the imperial Brenodi Empire. Empires features:

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Empires 2.22 has been released which adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in 2.21.

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Empires 2.22 is now available with several new additions and bug fixes. 2.22 is only available as a patch, and therefore, you must have updated to 2.21 to apply the 2.22 patch. Some major changes are: The minimap now shows unique icons for each building. Player stats are being recorded for balancing purposes, and several crashes affecting the commander have been fixed.

Empires 2.22 Change Log:

Added: a second skin group for orex trees
Added: Icons for each building for the minimap
Added: Detail textures to many textures, most notably the vehicles.
Added: Vehicle weapon amount may be limited.
Added: Stats reporting for kills, deaths and rank points.
Added: Weapon stats: bullets total, bullets hit and damage done.
Added: Player counter to Unassigned and Spectator teams in the scoreboard.

Fixed: Handbrake can now be properly assigned to its own button
Fixed: Improper physbox on the static orex trees
Fixed: Physics.cpp crash, relating to ragdolls for the commander
Fixed: Vehicle didn't receive additional heat when going backwards.
Fixed: Maximum range shown in commander interface is incorrect for new turrets.
Fixed: Cannot use the engineer kit from the command vehicle anymore
Fixed: NF SMG2 was reloading 2 times after emptying it and getting ammo.
Fixed: A small 'cut' at the top right corner of the commander's minimap only visible in a 1.33 aspect ratio
Fixed: Reviving player getting stuck in player revived.
Fixed: Jitter in Spectator mode
Fixed: Damage over time caused by biological weaponry to vehicles can now affect more than one side of armor at once.
Fixed: scoreboard displayed the ping value for spectators too far to the left.
Fixed: Commanders with defusal are now protected while in commander view, not just vehicle view.
Fixed: A crash relating to tanks
Fixed: A crash relating to the Engineer Tool

Modified: Changed the material of the static orex trees
Modified: Scheme Settings for the background of bullets on the HUD
Modified: Main Menu Color Scheme
Modified: After researching Advanced Personnel Deployment, previously built APCS can have their spawnpoints enabled at the repair pad.
Modified: Changed engine stall time back to 0.5s
Modified: Stats are sent only if sv_cheats was never set to 1.
Modified: Infantry Weapon Balance and Vehicle Balance



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I'm downloading now. I hope the server admins can keep up.

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Fixed: Reviving player getting stuck in player revived.

I installed the mod and hopped in an infentry server and it was just as bad as it has always been. I however, did not restart steam but it should have overwritten the files anyway, correct me if im wrong. I believe I was on the latest version as I was able to join all the 2.22 servers just fine.

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Just awesome !!! Keep it up :)

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