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German/English Content available Y-Wings? How do you want them?

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nach einiger Zeit, die ich nun wieder am Mod rumschreibe, ist mir eine Sache aufgefallen:
-> Y-Wings schiessen eigentlich keine Protonentorpedos, oder?
Gut, es gibt diese Stelle in Episode 4, aber davon ab sind es doch normalerweise Bomber, genau wie die TIE-Bomber, oder?

Wer also von euch davon überzeugt ist, es müssen Torpedos sein, kommentieren, anders herum gilt noch die Frage:
Bomben mit weitem Abstand abwerfen (nur eine Idee) oder
Bomben kurz vor dem Ziel erst?

Das wäre dann erst einmal alles, ich danke euch für das lesen und hoffe auf zahlreiche Antworten.


after some time that I wrote on the mod, I realized that Y-Wings normally do not shoot Protonentorpedos, do they?

Well ,there is that one moment in Episode 4 but apart from that the Y-WEing is after all a bomber like the TIE-Bomber, isn't it?

Those of you who think that it should shoot torpedos, please comment so.

All others:
shall the bombs be dropped far away from the target or close to it?

That's about it for now. I hope on numerous answers and thank you for reading.


well, i don't know. but what i do know is that you should make turbolasers damage small ships more. imagine this: you are invading bespin and are playing the empire. eventually, you only have a star destroyer left and it is out of fighters, and the rebels only have a squad of Y-wings left. what follows is an hour long game of hit-and-run. the bombers keep hitting one hardpoint whitout doing much damage since the destroyer is turning all the time, so the torpedoes miss. but it also doesn't do anything against the bombers. i think petroglyph was like: f*ck logics: let's have light laser cannons destroy bombers in 2 or 3 shots, but turbolasers, 20x as heavy, don't do ****.

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John_N447 Author

well, so true ;D

However, the thing is that SDs now have one fast firing, inaccurate Laser and one slow firing, that deals more damage and is by far more accurate.

Bombers do not miss all shots, as I tested the "Bomber" idea and it is pretty neat that the SDs have the possibility to dodge but only when they are used wisely.

Additionaly I added a new type of X-Wing, it got the old fashioned protonentorpedos. I do however yet have to find the name of those.

In the story line "heritage of the jedis" (german title translated into english) there is a new kind of X-Wing mentioned, sadly I forgot how it was called.

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