Elder Kings is an Elder Scrolls themed total conversion for the Paradox Development Studio game Crusader Kings 2. It allows players to live out their dreams of ruling one of the great realms of Tamriel and leading their dynasty through it's various eras and challenges. While still effectively a Work-In-Progress Project, Elder Kings still offers one of the biggest gameplay experiences available for a released CK2 mod!

RSS Elder Kings 0.1.4b Released

New patch for the Elder Kings mod released fixing numerous bugs, now comes with less sparkly sparkly.

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Already a new year and we're pushing out our first version. This is basically just a collection of bug fixes for the most critical issues in 0.1.4a and the addition of more fleshed out portraits for the Khajiit.

Elder Kings 0.1.4b Self-Installer
Only the 64bit self-installer is available at the moment. ETA on the Zip archive is 2.1.2014.

- [Added] More fleshed out Khajiit Portraits.
- [Fix] Mane trait missing description.
- [Fix] Various localisation issues.
- [Fix] Rule by Might no longer overwrites Temple/City Succession Laws.
- [Fix] Baroness of Wayrest incorrectly set as a man.
- [Fix] Pyrrahn no longer incorrectly set as a Republic.
- [Fix] Missing Barony name in Simia.
- [Fix] Missing Edict Icons.
- [Fix] Missing Runestone decision icon.
- [Fix] Tamwell duplicate entry causing holding problems in Argonia.
- [Fix] Slave Rebellions misfiring and having no effect.
- [Fix] Holding a Summer Fair or other seasonal event will no longer lock you out of holding more of them in that character's lifetime.
- [Fix] Economy Techpoints going into the negative.
- [Fix] Cultural retinues no longer available to all cultures.
- [Fix] Small Knightly Order now reports the correct tech requirement.
- [Fix] Vampire event "loop" error corrected.
- [Fix] Vigilants of Stendarr adding a holding to an already full province.
- [Fix] Disappearing Necromancer trait (related to borked potential conditions).
- [Fix] Empire of Tamriel defaulting to agnatic gavelkind upon creation.
- [Fix] Appointing Republic Heir not functioning correctly, causing game-over if you lose republic elections or your initial patrician ruler dies.
- [Fix] Numerous minor event syntax issues.
- [Tweak] Vampire fertility has been reduced temporarily while the system is being rewritten.
- [Tweak] Vampire "turning" has been greatly reduced.
- [Tweak] Yokudan Empire and Empire of Tamriel, as well as a few other realms, have had their colours adjusted to be less similar.
- [Tweak] AI will suffer marginally less Warlord Uprisings than previously.
- [Tweak] Mer lifespans have been adjusted, more should now survive into their 300s

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