Tridel Games LLC.-
We are a fully licensed company formed to control the collective assets and organizational functions.

Tridel Games LLC is currently developing Höllenfeuer for use in the "Make Something Unreal" Contest and possibly a commercial venture.

Tridel Games LLC has a collective group of 16 full staff members. We are using collective contributions including but not limited to Models, Textures, Animations, Mapping, Level Designs, Sound Engineering, Voices etc. We are shooting for a beta level a soon.

We are using this technology to form a mod to recieve a license etc. Upon acheiving this license Tridel Games LLC may use a publisher to launch our product retail using investors.

Profit Based Payment-

Currently, Tridel Games is keeping track of contribtions added via our FTP server and SVN to compensate these contributors and teammembers upon future profits resulting of this project.

Our current mod project will be using the Unreal 3 engine to artfully craft our mod to fit the niche of our setting in the phases and overall contest.
Maya, 3D Max, and are needed for our models aswell as prior knowledge ofthe Unreal Engine will be acknowledged. Texturers are expected to be able to texture these files using photoshop. Programming is needed based on C++ and UNrealScript or prior knowledge of the Unreal Engine. Animators are expected to know how to operate using 3D Max or a compliant alternate software.


Animators- Currently we have 5 active animator.

Texturers- Tridel Games retains 5 texturers.

Modelers- Tridel Games has 6 modelers.

Programmers- Tridel Games has three programmers.

Level/Character Modler/Mapper- We currently have 3 of these.
Tridel Games LLC (Full Time Staff)-

Justin Owens-(aka Xantos12) New to the industry, Justin is the PR, HR, and Project Director for Tridel Games.
John Carter- (aka Blu42) Mr. Carter is veteran of Business Administration. John is responsible for Tridel Games's financial and legal development.

Cody Owens- (aka Noktus) Currently Cody is attending Pender Technical College in anticpation of a degree in 3d art and design at a bigger school.
James Chilton- (aka Volcol) James is a concept artist here at Tridel and works with weapon and character art.

Jon Pierre- Jon Pierre is a professional composer by trade and does many compositions for major AAA movies in Souther California.


Casey Minson: Casey is a college grad from Perth, Australia and is currently a pro hockey player for The North Stars. A veteran of many mods such as StarGate, for the UT3 engine.
William Smith: Mr. Smith is a talented Unreal programmer who has worked with the program in many professional applications relating to his degree in progress at DeVry. Lead Scripter.

Deanne McRae- Mrs. McRae is our newest addition to our concept artist position and will be creating mission related concept art.

Benoit Roosen- A talented programmer and charecter modeler here to assist in development! Lead AI programmer.

Andrew Cryer- Concept artist, looking to expand portfolio here at Tridel Games LLC

Steve- Hello everyone.
My name is steve and im from scotland UK. Im a 3d animation student. I have just entered the world of 3d in the last 6 months but have learned soooooo much in a short time. I am a hard worker and am glad to join the team.
heres a link to some of the stuff I've made since I started uni.

looking forward to work with you all.
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Antonio- Picked out of a extensive portfolio, Tridel can sense the future in this young 3d artist so of course we scooped him up as we will continue to do! Currently attending University of Illnois- Chicago and helping in EVERYTHING 3d!

Atle Hillman- Animator extrodinaire! Veteran of a succesful contest entry in Norway for his animation work on a FPS! Atle handles freelance animating and small object modeling for Tridel.

Philip Ouellette- Known as Filbot! Recent grad of the University of Cincinatti and 3d artist working with Walt Disney on a new game! NDA though so no peeking! Philip handles many artistic tasks such as level design, modeling and the works.

Dzoubha- Lead Progrmmer at Tridel Games. He is a native resident of Cameroon and enjoys programming so much that he want sto make it big. Very good at what he does with AI and scripting.

Chris Hatchie: Maya Artist working with Steve on enviorment. Attending University of Oregon- Portland. Chris is our Lead Art Director.

Austin Holland: Concept Artist Extrodinare, Enviorment artist and props

Matt Christian: Unreal programmer attending college in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Matt assists William with scripting.

Derrick Keaton: Level Designer, looking forward to getting used to Ut3 engine and assisting our lead guys.

Peter: Concept artist for characters at Tridel Games. Great work such as seen on!

Nathan Follmer- Nathan is assisting our product whether from level design and art to programming.

Britney Whiten: Currently workin in Digitail Art at MTV/Viacom, she brings extensive art ability for level and character design.


Current our Website is under construction but Tridel Games Forum is at-

Contact- Mr. Justin Owens (

Tridel Games LLC is a Stress Free Workplace with dynamic goals based on elastic deadlines.

Tridel Game LLC respectfully requests only positive and interested users comment.

Tridel Games-
We also have documents such as non-disclosure agreements and Credit Agreements for future distribution of profits etc.

We Work Smarter, Not Harder

Additional Info: The mod we are creating is about the experience of a German Lieutenant in the 2nd Panzer Division fighting through the battles of Operation Barbarossa on the Eastern Front during WWII. Since we are just beyond the intial planning stage, we do not have a ton of work to show for. However, we have done some initial modelling for ideas ingame. Our idea is unique, a dynamic and immersive storyline with cutscenes, depth of field, and complex AI complmenting a revised camera system.

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Unique Attributes

News 2 comments

Ok, here it is folks! Before you read this you must be active in Moddb forums for us and tell us how YOU want our game! No peeking until you swear on your gaming future! Ok........

1. Depth of Field: We are aiming to incorporate some form of this in your gunsight and possibly your long distance views. Feel free to critique this before our eager beaver programmers implement it.

2. Camoflauge System: We aim to implement a unique reaction and camoflauge system where the AI will be smart and hear certain sounds etc and realistic reactions such as you are in a battle and you move down the road to secure the crossroads and the garrison hasn't picked up they are under attack. *Due to a decision to include radio men to alert other troops or within "earshot" of battle.

3. Unique Hand to Hand Fighting: Another cool feature we HOPE can be put in if time allows. Such as seen in call of duty3.

4. Original Cover System: At least we HOPE its original. It will be realistic so there is no sub for that! The AI will learn that certain coded objects such as a wall provides better cover while a bush doesn't so much. The AI will be able to adapt in a smart way not run through bullets to a spot or retreat back without covering each other.

5. Squad Orders: Yes, we will be using the existing interface for this so its really not hard at all. You will have certain abilities like clear out, this means wherever you are at your squad will clear any enemies even houses etc and so on with other features.

6. Panzer Commander: We will be wanting to place the player in the role of a panzer commander in certain mission etc. We will be conveying the same AI for Inf also to panzers. Along with this our turret traverse times etc will be 100% accurate etc.

7. Cutscenes&VoiceActing: This is crucial part of our project and storyline that will be the last stage in production. We are confident that our voice acting can be pulled off whether done by the team, outside sources, or from a extensive voice library.

8. Realistic Wounding and Death: Another cool feature which should be quite simple is having broken limbs etc and real carnage of war. Look for bodies being riddled and big bloof baths resulting from mortars, grenades and the like. Say you get hit but a bullet in your arm, where it hits results in blood loss, staminda loss, and a broken arm can cause your weapons of choice to be narrowed to a pistol, knife, or even your bare hands!

9. Support: The ability to call in mortar strikes via a radioman that doesn't be get reinforced or LW the same way. Lets say your radio man has been killed, now you can find a enemy or civilain one and call in your support.

10. Immersive Storyline: Yes, we will be having a great storyline that will take Lt. Otto Mueller from the outskirts of Riga to the heart of Berlin. Dynamic Ranking based on stats will add up to promote a player and his abilities such as speed slightly and accuracy etc. Small tweaks that can happen in a real battle from experience.

Game Design Document  & "The Village"

Game Design Document & "The Village"

Feature 1 comment

Our Game Design Document is very basic. It will be updated at a later time but this should give users a view at our first goals etc for this project...

Wireframe Tutorial

Wireframe Tutorial

Props Modelling Tutorial

Just a quick Wireframe tutorial created by Atle, our programmer lol. Just thought I'd spread it around. Cheers everyone, stay active with us and we'll...

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pointles **** (if you know what i mean)

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why is this among released mods anyway?

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Is this mod dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Sadly I guess it's over. :(

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OMG, i can't believe i hadn't found this earlier

Amazing, like Red Orchestra in Theme. Cannot WAIT!

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Awesome idea! We need this and I really hope this mod completes!

One historical problem, though: "2nd Panzer Division fighting through the battles of Operation Barbarossa"?

The 2nd Panzer Div. did not take part in Barbarossa because their armor transport ships were sunk by Allied mines. So they could only fight on the Eastern Front in October 1941.

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xantos12 Creator


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is this dead?

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UT3 needs a good WWII-mod. And this one is looking awesome! Love that theme, keep up the great work, guys.

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xantos12 Creator


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