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The episodes are:

  • Episode 1 -- Mountain Fortress
  • Episode 2 -- Island of Terror
  • Episode 3 -- Orbital Onslaught
  • Episode 4 -- Paradox
Each one begins with a visit to Duke's Headquarters,
buried deep underground (well, episode 2 visits the
headquarters on the second level) where the mission
is given to Duke in the War Room, and he is given
the combination for the shuttle.

Episodes 3 introduces a few new enemy types:

Shrink Trooper - Much like the Lizard Captains,
except they shoot shrinkers. Sometimes they
drop shrinker ammo when killed. They wear
grey suits.
Laser Guard - Like the lizards with the chainguns,
except with red skin, and they fire rapid-
fire lasers instead of bullets. Very
dangerous at close range.
Bio-Warrior - Bright glowing green lizard warriors
that emit a humming sound. Their gun shoots
acid. Be careful, their lifeforce also
generates a field of radiation around them
that will hurt you if you get too close.
Pig Captain - These green-suited pigcops fire
RPGs. When killed, they will sometimes
drop their armor or some ammo for the
Shotgun Turret - These blue gun turrets fire dual
shotgun blasts. Very deadly.

In addition, there's a new weapon canister (it looks
like a dark-blue-rimmed rubbermaid can). When shot,
they will usually explode (with a wide radius) or
they will drop a random weapon. Sometimes they will
drop an atomic health instead.

Episode 4 also introduces a few new types:

Freeze Guard -- Lizard warriors with blue skin.
Watch out for their freeze blasts.
Bio-Warrior Mark II -- New and improved, these
fearsome creatures, made from alien drones,
are fast, strong, and radioactive. Unlike
the Bio-Warrior Mark I, these do not lose
their radiation when they die, so their
bodies are still radioactive.
Termination Trooper -- These fearsome little
troopers, distinguished by their red skin and
grey outfit, are tougher than other troopers
and are armed with mortar guns and the site-
to-site teleporters.
Alien Guardian -- A non-acquatic mutation of
an Alien queen which has red skin, with its
electricity adapted to be able to travel
through air instead of water. It also has
mutated so that it lays Mark II Bio-Warriors
instead of regular alien drones.

Some of the earlier levels are slow-paced, but that's
to enforce the secret-agent-ish theme (i.e. sneaking
about rather than charging around blasting all in
sight). Make no mistake, though, there's plenty
of charging around blasting all in sight.

Each level is Dukematch compatable, but be warned
that the levels "Security Tunnels" and "Terminus"
are very poor Dukematch levels, and should probably
be avoided. Do make sure to check out "Ballpark,"
a Dukematch-only level in Episode 1.

TO INSTALL, simply unzip the contents of
to your Duke Nukem 3D directory. To play, just run
lostduke.bat. Your .CON files will not be written
over or renamed by the new ones; lostduke.bat will
just look to ldgame.con and lduser.con automatically.
Your old demos will be overwritten by the new demos,
however, so you may want to make backup copies of

You may use the .CON files to generate your own maps
using the new creature types I created. I do NOT,
repeat, do NOT give permission to use ANY other files
included in the Lost Duke Episodes' group file for
other purposes. This especially goes for the MIDI
files; they are copyrighted and I give no permission
for their use or alteration elsewhere.

Additional Credits to:
3DRealms, for the original Duke Nukem 3D
Joe and Chuck, owners of the Gamers Inn
Westwood Studios' "Command and Conquer"
Disney's "Tron"
The fourth dimension
Passport's Jammer Songmaker, for the casino music
Russell F. Hadley, for supplying some ideas

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Duke Lost Episodes
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