17 maps episode for Duke Nukem 3D. 15 mappers, 1 building, 17 floors. A duke4 community episode. Eduke32 sourceport required. RELEASED ! Check the download section!

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Although small, the 17 maps really pack a punch. Here's why the maps are great;

A majority of the maps have been made by mapping veterans who've been making Duke maps for years. The guys know their stuff. They've generally filled the map up with good detail, good gameplay (combat/progression), and even new, original, never-before done tricks and concepts!

Because each floor is made by an individual mapper, each floor is vastly different from all the others, this obviously includes detailing style, type of progression, and combat. Some authors sometimes focused on one thing more than the others. Due to this difference in focus, and due to mappers' own personal strengths and preferences, things will never get repetitive. The episode always feels fresh, new and exciting. There's something for everyone.

There was a very big limitation in that the authors had to fit their map within a very specific shape and size. Limitations always inspire creativity; ideas that they wouldn't have thought of otherwise, making this a different experience to other maps/episodes. Plus, allowing the mappers to focus on such a small space really allows them to concentrate on making that small space extra good, as opposed to having to dilute their effort over a larger error.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out, you won't regret it!


It is just so well done

Classic Duke Nuke style maps, they almost all look like made by pro team, excellent detail
Would change copy of duke nuke forever for this mod anytime 10/10


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A solid and consistent level of quality throughow the whole episode. In 2014 having this kind of mods for a 18 years old game puts all other communities on shame :)


This gem is a great surprise, Has been put together almost perfectly, Combined craft, interesting levels: some were horroristic, some were action-packed. Athmosphere was dense, I could have cut it.
Thank you for making a DN3D mod, which in visuals, and gameplay remains true to it's origins. It must have been a big work to organize so much talented authors.
Very good idea to merge Die Hard with Duke Nukem. You just scored a perfect hit.

Amongst my favourite levels was the empty storage level (which is short, but everything is exploding around you as in the Die Hard movie), and the supernatural horror-level. Still I don't know how did I escape from there. :)


A who's who of several map makers that have been active in recent history. A multitude of different styles so the environment and game play changes from floor to floor keeping the episode fresh and entertaining from start to finish.


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