Total conversion mod of Half-Life, basis on high quality mapping and modeling. Slay epic monsters and bosses with a variety of new weapons and powers. Experience a world that none have ever seen... Advent the Doom Hunt...

News Update: Coding This mod is coming along excellent as far as mapping and modeling. I am just learning C++, but if any coders in the community could help, it would be appreciated.

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This mod is coming along excellent as far as mapping and modeling. I am just learning C++, but if any coders in the community could help, plz email me some .cpp files or .h at . Here are some tasks...
-Increase Grenade capacity to 50 (needs more ammo)
-Seperate grenade into a weapon and ammo entity (so model isn't the same for both)
-Add a sound that plays when it is "thrown" (it is a gun now :D)
-Add bubble sprites to lvl4 water boss propellers (attaching sprites to a model)
-Add a flame sprite attached to "fireballs" aka grenades. (attaching sprites to a model)
-Make lv2 fire boss have unique class that uses special "hornets" model (based on a_grunt)
-Make two separate Gargantuan entities that use different Eye sprites but are otherwise same
-Re arrange order of weapons in menu
-remove zoom ability on xbow (it is a different gun now)
-make xbow always generate explosion even when shooting monsters directly. (coding swap)
-remove bullets from assault rifle so it is only an impact nade launcher. increase capacity to 35
-various other things I will think of (sorry for vagueness)
----coding is based on SC 3.5 all credit goes to their team for the base work. (this mod was originally going to be a map pack for SC but got way out of hand in what we wanted to do-- thus, a mod)
I am just now taking introductory courses to C++ so by no means will I be able to code any significant changes. As of now, Rectifier is the lead mapper and I am the lead modeler/scripter. Both Rectifier and I work on the sound. We really need a coder from the community who will be able to help us some though.


Probably would have been better to email the SC team about using their source code before you made this post, but good luck anyway.

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Actually, I'm a moderator at Sven Co-op though I cannot speak for our coding team, I do not think you will get the sources. however, SC is the most flexible HL1 mod to make custom maps to, so you might not even need it.

We build 'Land of Legend', a totally new gameplay experience build on SC, without touching a single line of code.

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