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The most important changes in each version since 1.41 (full
changelog is at

*Fixed an exploit where a player could never run out of
ammo/grenades during a game
*Fixed the lastman being the second highest scoring player (this may have only
been a bug in beta versions)
*Fixed a potentially abusable glitch with admin spectate
*Fixed zombies being able to use quickmessages with binds
*Fixed lastman suiciding just before he's respawned and causing a few bugs
*Fixed scare/freeze/fart issues where someone, for example, would be scared at
2 and 6 seconds but would be able to plant mines at 9 seconds.
*Fixed players being able to spectate/autoassign from the zom class pick menu
*Fixed lastman sometimes looking like a zombie/having a zombie's health
(ghillie suits are disabled for the lastman)
*Fixed a bug where a hunter would join a game of two hunters and spawn with no
*Fixed 'triple skull' bug where it was possible to do 105 damage to hunters at
*Fixed vision when spawning as a spectator after being a dog
*Fixed fastshoot exploits on several weapons
*Fixed a bug where any perk could go in any perk slot any number of times

*Added scr_specialclass* dvars to create a new custom zombie class with these

set scr_specialclass (enable?)
set scr_specialclass_name
set scr_specialclass_speed
set scr_specialclass_damage
set scr_specialclass_health
set scr_specialclass_fzhealth (health as first zombie)
set scr_specialclass_skulls (give them skulls?)
set scr_specialclass_model
set scr_specialclass_model_head
(more info in zom.cfg)

*Added scr_allowspectate and scr_allowspectatemove (and added to server
settings menu) - zombies/hunters/all players can be spectated - read zom.cfg
for details
*Added a lastman setting to allow a random zombie out of the 5 highest scoring
players to be the lastman
*Added scr_arq for ragequit punishment. Setting to 0 will disable it, setting
to 1 (default) will cause ragequitters to become zombies next game, and setting
to 2 will cause ragequitters to lose 5 ranks next game.
*Added scr_doghp to set the amount of HP dogs drop or disable it. Dogs also
drop mines if it's enabled now.
*Added a loop to ensure there is always a first zombie, and the name always
stays updated in hunter's scoreboards.
*Added a message to show who's mine you're shooting at

*Changed sniper damage - all do extra damage and another extra 100 on headshots
(the latter if scr_strongsniperHS is enabled)
*Changed inactive spectator kicks - they won't be kicked unless the game is in
progress (there are zombies).
*Changed/added some logprints:
-B: bubble
-Z: became a zombie
-FZ: first zombie
-RQZ: made a zombie for ragequitting
-RQR: lost 5 ranks for ragequitting
-LM: lastman
-NFZ: became the new first zombie
-SPEC: went into spectate
-J/Q/K: joined, quit, killed

Changes for v1.51:

*Fixed frozen lastman sometimes getting killed for camping
*Fixed an exploit with zombie class changing
*Fixed always being spawned as a fast zombie regardless of the class pick menu
when a player goes AFK
*Fixed not receiving any weapons if spawned in the grace period after a zombie
is picked
*Fixed lastman not being able to switch back to laser
*Fixed some special abilities showing FX and sounds but not doing any damage
due to zombie dying
*Fixed map not ending if there are 5 or less people with scr_lasthighest 0
*Fixed map rotation not showing all maps in server settings - added a scrolling
*Fixed hunters sometimes getting killed inside bubbles - now no damage can be
done to them
*Fixed hunters being able to jump around whilst frozen
*Fixed poisoned hunters not playing the poison FX
*Fixed bug where lastman wasn't always picked
*Fixed some maps (e.g random_zom) not showing in map rotation
*Fixed lastman sometimes not receiving mines/repels

*Added spawn protection for zoms with scr_zomspawnprotection
*Added scr_starttime adjustability at any point in the game, change it and the
countdown will restart
*Added scr_loseranks 1/0 (they lose 5) to stop ragequitters...ragequitting
*Removed first zombie name in the scoreboard when a player is a zombie
*Improved lastman anticamp
*Changed Level 100 Disguise to look like a hunter with a ghillie suit

Changes for v1.5:

*Added a server settings menu to the main menu: clients can see important
gametype settings and the map rotation
*Added a help menu for: Zombie abilities, Rank unlocks, Shortcuts, Zombie
classes, Binds, and the credits.
*Added defence bubbles; two random hunters per game get these, they last for 45
*Added an easter egg
*Added new class, ice zombies, which replace fire zombies and have similar
*Added 27 music tracks from COD4
*Added recharging freeze + repel abilities if they don't hit anyone
*Added FX to freeze and repel
*Added first zombie name on the scoreboard
*Added real rank numbers on the scoreboard and removed the 200 textures that
were used before
*Added scr_movemines to allow hunters to relocate their mines 10 seconds after
placing them
*Added an option to disable dogs (now stop nagging me about it )
*Added an option to make the lastman the guy with the highest score at the end
*Added messages on player's first spawns to indicate dogs 0/1 and lasthighest
*Added a system which only sets to a default the variables which aren't set in
*Added scr_autospawn 1/0 to enable/disable automatic spawning of zombies, which
always works now
*Added messages to show when rank 33, 66, 100, 133, 166, 200 abilities/unlocks
are enabled
*Added a red/green bar to show when zombies can use a special ability again
*Added turning zombie sound
*Added admin command info in the readme and FAQ page on this site
*Added an infinity symbol instead of ammo count when appropriate
*Added FX for repel
*Added a cfg option to make mines go straight to the person who killed the

*Fixed a few misc bugs with the lastman
*Fixed erroneous setting of cg_drawgun on zombie spawning
*Fixed mine explode sound playing even if the hunter died before it went off
*Fixed the personal high score message that couldn't be disabled
*Fixed hunters being able to hold skulls sometimes, they can't any more
*Fixed a few bugs in the unlimited ammo system, now scr_unlimitedammo can be changed
at any point in the game and will work perfectly
*Fixed High jump under different gravity; it should auto adjust now.

*Improved zombie class pick screens so they're similar to the COD5 ones
*Improved zom.cfg layout
*Improved ingame main menu layout
*Improved a load of FX, like the zombie special abils.
*Moved zombie ability info to the right of the screen so it's not in the way
*Changed zombies' Level 133+ unlock so that they get 5 x points for damage done
*Changed autospawning so the time to spawn decreases by 5 seconds every time it
spawns you, starts at 35.
*Changed scr_class to scr_zomclass
*Changed fast zom abilities: both the poison and fast zom now have High Jump
*Changed scr_say/scr_saysmall, messages can be split into new lines with the #

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Dobby's zombie mod v1.52

Dobby's zombie mod v1.52

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Dobby's zombie mod v1.41

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Dobby's zombie mod v1.25

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Pingwin98 - Here You have one ! Brand new server :) 1.7 version.

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VersaceK there are 3 working server

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Anyone with a working server? Please post!

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you can contact me i have a server add me skype TheFreezeQc

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I am seriously looking for some server with this mod ._.

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Me too. :(
I want to play it that bad.

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121.21.210:28977 the new working server lets liven this back up

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BY [AR51] clan

Find me in game: game id: ZEROnights

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hey msg me with the new ip it doesnt seem to work

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