Diversica is a module for Civilization IV Beyond the Sword which adds additional graphics and some minor gameplay changes (new units, techs and resources). It includes both Ethnically Diverse Units and Cultural Citystyles. You can consider it an alternative to Varietas Delectat. Diversica uses the RevolutionDCM mod to ease having separate installable sub-modules on top of the core mod. All optional sub-modules are included in the download and can be selected upon installation.

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Sidekick1982 says

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This is certainly on of the best mods for Civ4BtS I know.

Like others have pointed out, it adds real value to the basic game without changing too much. It plays almost like vanilla with some extra units, some extra civs, some extra UI elements and so on.

Ok - why the only 6/10 ???
Because it is full of minor errors. This mod is actually a compilation of smaller mods. And these different mods sometimes are not 100% compatible with each other. It does not reduce the fun to play this mod, but it is annoying of you look real close.


Shrektacular says

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Well, I give it a 10/10 not just as a spur-of-the-moment "Oh i like this mod so i'll give it 10/10".

This is one of those mods where the quality is constantly good accross the board and it does exactly what it sets out to do, and more. You know a mod is good when you start playing it, and wonder how you ever played the original game without it.

This mod adds a huge variation of units all in nice detail, and it adds new game concepts (But it lets you chose which changes you want to use!).

The new game concepts are really good, like with colonies they can break off and form a new state in to the game. It makes the entire game more replayable and just much fuller than the vanilla.

So yes, 10/10 because this really is as good as a mod can be and an example of a great mod.


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