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A total conversion for Unreal 2. Based on Terry Pratchett's discworld series. You are Harold Stibbins. A lowlife. The bottle is the closest friend you've got and you're not even on speaking terms. You're not worth the dirt you sleep on. And just when things couldn't get any worse, you wake up in an alley after a hangover only to discover that some cretin has made off with your favourite (and only) right shoe. That, and the city seems to be in Chaos, but hey- you've got bigger problems, right? A paradoxically warped story begins as you embark (amble off) after the thief and slowly (painfully slowly) uncover (accidnetally involve yourself in) a devious, evil plot that snakes from the grimy streets of Ankh-Morpork to the snow-choked forests of Uberwald. And all of this while holding it in till you get to the next bathroom. Why is Ankh-Morpork in Chaos? (or, more directly, why is Ronnie in Ankh-Morpork?) Who is this miscreant that thinks nicking a man's shoe...

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new teaser screenshots release!


We publiched few shots from last weekly development meeting.. Head to our website to see more :D

Harold Stibbins Interview

News 2 comments

HomeLAN chats with Tommi Hartikainen. HomeLAN took the time to interview the upcoming Unreal 2 mod Harold Stibbins based on the Discworld series of novels...

new screenshots released!!


We've released a bunch of screenies from our newish beta level.. cehck 'em out!

Concept art released

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We released some concept art imagery, have a look. More coming.

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