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You may think this mod brings you into the life of being in D-Day, but you got it wrong. This mod lets you have the feeling of what its like to be in a hurricane or tornado. Now this is how its gonna work. (Hurricane) You will start in a simple house or hotel. If you wait for 5 (maybe this will work, im mostly thinking that we are just gonna have to put you at the start) minutes the hurricane will effect you (heavy winds, lightning, heavy rain, MAYBE storm surge, then houses breaking, and you know). Then the hurricane keeps going and stay outta the rising water! If you fall all the way underwater you die! If storm surge hits you and its fat enough the mod will say you got completely underwater you die. Lighting wont work though.... we might add lightning in RenX and its like water, if your struck by lightning and completely is covered by it you get injury. Rain wont hurt you of course. neither will winds. But watche out for falling building peices :D. Now thats all im telling you.


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