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Dino Crisis Source. Remake of the Dino Crisis 1 game from PS1 / PC.

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What weapons would you like to see ingame? (Games : Half-Life 2: Episode Two : Mods : Dino Crisis 1 Source : Forum : Weapon Idea's : What weapons would you like to see ingame?) Locked
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Mar 16 2012 Anchor

Hey guys n girls
We are currently discussing which weapons to include in the mod. Obviously we wont have like 10 different weapons, we will most probably stick to a maximum of 3 possibly 4. We were just wondering which weapons would you like to see ingame? Just leave a post with a small list detailing which weapons you want and we will consider which ones to go for. Remember the weapons you list are the ones you use ingame not the ones the other characters might carry. You can say which weapons you want the other characters to carry but please state which character has what weapon.

Mar 16 2012 Anchor

I want the old Dino Crisis weapons (Glock and SPAS) with their upgrades plus M4 or a similar assault rifle with M203 and maybe acog as upgrades. I want different ammo types too.

Mar 20 2012 Anchor

Rick should definetly have his awesome M4! :D
Man,i can't remember anyone else! XD Didn't Regina atleast get an 9mm and an Grenade Launcher? Dunno,gonna have to get all nostalgic to find out! ^^

Mar 20 2012 Anchor

Rick had an M4
Gail had an MP5
Regina had a 9mm, shotgun and a grenade launcher

Mar 20 2012 Anchor

CHAINSAW!!!!! WROOOOOOMMM!! xD nah just kidding :D

the originals sound good but instead of 9mm regina should have a desert eagle .50 (Wich is my all time favorite ^^) becouse i dont think that a 9mm can penetrate a dinosaurs skin.. hell you can barely put down a boar with that :D and you know the bigger the better ;P

thinking of that gives me that the mp5 also uses 9mm doesnt it?! so id prefer an UMP .45 for a massive stopping power, and the m4 has a relatively small and weak core tough its a fast bullet so id say SCAR-H is better. for the same reason the shotgun should go with slugs and be at least pump action if not fully automatized, and as a gl the rg-6(russian) or the m-32(US) fits for me :D.
but hey like i know how thick a dinosaurs learther is... xD

wow that turned out to be pretty long xD

Mar 21 2012 Anchor

Reginas standard handgun is a Glock34 9mm. It can later be upgraded with parts to a Glock 35, using more powerful .40S&W ammunition and a custom telescopic gun sight.
Her shotgun is a Franchi PA8 (misidentified in-game as the PA3). A skeletal stock can be found that decreases the overall recoil of the weapon allowing repeated follow up shots. Custom parts change the PA8 shotgun into a Franchi SPAS-12. The PA8/SPAS-12 can use buckshot and slug rounds and seems to fire specially modified tranquillizer darts, both non-lethal and lethal varieties.
A HK69A1 grenade launcher can be found in the hangar towards the helipad. It can fire 40mm standard grenade rounds or specially created HEAT rounds which are more powerful. The weapon can be modified with grenade parts to give it an multi shot ability similar to some revolving grenade launchers which is impossible for the HK69.
Gail uses an M4A1 with what looks like a removed buttstock, and a red dot sight.
Rick uses an FN FAL in the US version of the game, though only fires it once or twice.
In the PAL version of the game, Rick can be seen using a scoped HK G3A3 in place of the FN FAL mentioned above.
Agent Tom carries and uses a MAC-10 on a Raptor after being rescued by Rick.
In one ending, Rick fires an FGM-148 Javelin at a T-Rex.

Mar 21 2012 Anchor

sounds satisfying :D

take a look to the ar-10 its a nice one too :D basicly its an m16 but with a bigger caliber

looks super badass to me :D and it seems it has the same mounting spots as the likte brother so attachments cant cause a problem ^^

and heres another pic xD
7.62 looks quite superior :D

Jul 18 2012 Anchor

I would go with the originals and the same upgrades. Seems a very nice choice.
Less the H&K 69A1... Instead of upgrading it, just replace it at a later time in game with an M202A1 Flash.
Or just use an upgradeable Arwen 37 instead of both. (very versatile launcher)

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