This mod gives a different looking unit set for the Arabic,Asian,German,Byz and Meso civs. All of the units are cut past units so they fit in with the original units. Celts,Britons,Franks,Spanish default set. Saracen,Turk and Persian civs Arabic unit set. Teutons,Vikings,Goths,Huns German unit set. Aztec,Maya Meso unit set. Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Mongols Asian unit set. Byzantines Byz unit set Special credit to Senoid for doing the majority of the data work without his help this would not be possible.Unit credits inside the file. Please report any bugs you encounter so that they can be fixed in the next release. How to Install: Replace the original game files with these files in the Data folder, Dont forget to take backups of your original files. This mod Does Not work with the HD version.

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