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Version 1.45 of D2I/D2L brings all the 1.44 changes and bosses to Jalavia, fixing several old Lilith issues in the process. But while players are still exploring the new content, the most awaited update of all already casts ahead large shadows.

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Diablo 2 Lilith 1.45

Already a few weeks ago, D2 Lilith 1.45 was finally done and brought all the goodies from D2I 1.44 to the world of Lilith... or what is more, into the very story of Lilith.
While followers noticed the downloads appearing, I did not get around to laying down what had actually changed.

In short:

  • All D2I bosses now part of the Lilith storyline
  • Fixed some quests to avoid blocks
  • Lilith in English! (Reviewed all the dialogues and descriptions)
  • Endgame content: Hellfire Quest
  • Rest skill, Fonts, Items and Fixes from 1.44

and the common features also found in D2I 1.45, which are

  • No more Weapon Block bug
  • Enhanced staff fighting (once again)
  • Fixed magic resists on some undead
  • And more original D2 loot (from the 4P conversion project)

So not only can you now go hunting for the Three in Jalavia as well as D2I, but also for any other boss who may hold one of the precious Hellfire Quest items.

...and more

But there is more. One of the reasons I have been so busy in those past weeks is that the Paladin Class is finally nearing completion. Beta testers have been running him through both worlds for a while now, and the last piece in the class puzzle is promising to become a grand finale.
Along with it comes an Art Update, a lot of new Items and finally a solution to that pesky and elusive difficulty unlocking bug that has been a blot in this mod's record for far too long.

When will it be out? Soon. Probably not this week, but watch this space.


Wish I had Titan Quest, so I could grab this...all been busy playing a summon necro in single player D2 LoD, though!

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Vio Author

It has been on Steam for as low as $3 at times.

And there is the Summer Sale going on right now, till the 23rd. Watch it and you might be lucky:

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to the creator of the D2 lilith mod, great work, one question, the tomb sealed by an epic or legendary level spell, is there an item i'm missing or sub quest i haven't found yet, because been through all three levels normal,epic,legendary, level required 78 to 148, but door cannot be opened, and max level is only 90, just wanted to know why the tomb won't open on any diff, also the tomb of the ancesters has a secrect door that goes nowhere, just wanted to know. PEACE !!!

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