Destroyed Aperture is a free community made modification for Portal 2. Aperture Science Experimental Facility #7 is empty. Following the failure of the central core, the complex has been consumed by overgrowth and decay. With the exits sealed and communications disabled, David Grayling is trapped, helpless and alone, with no recollection of his past. But when he discovers a teleporter capable of transporting him to other Aperture facilities, he can't help but wonder if salvation lies ahead. Teaming up with a charming personality core named Neado, David steps through the teleporter into the unknown. What dark secrets will he find on the other side? Is he destined to die amid the ruins of Aperture, or can he find a way to escape? Will he ever regain his memories and discover the truth?

RSS Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a happy, fun and wonderful new year.

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Happy New Year!
Here it is, the end of the 2010s!
Time goes fast! We've been developing Destroyed Aperture since 2015 already, which has been exactly 1724 days! Our mod is about to be in development for a whopping 5 years already!
Thank you everyone for the support you've shown us throughout the years as well as on our latest announcements and our Teaser Trailer (2019) we uploaded a month ago on our YouTube channel. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

Store Page
Our store page is now public again!
It has been previously hidden because we had some issues with our previous publisher. Since then our store page has been in a hidden state which we couldn't get out of, so we got in contact with Valve and they resolved the issue for us.
Go ahead and add the mod to your wishlist to be instantly notified through Steam when Destroyed Aperture launches.
As for a release date, we won't mention anything yet. We will reveal the release date once we're 100% sure that the game is ready for a set date, not before.

Destroyed Aperture now has its very own official subreddit!
We have created a subreddit page for Destroyed Aperture, feel free to subscribe to it if you wish!

Linux Support
We have good news for Linux users!
It is very much possible that Destroyed Aperture will be available for Linux after all! We will follow up on this matter in future announcements, but it's looking good for Linux support!

Plan B Applications
Our applications will close on the 5th of January!
We will be closing our applications on the 5th of January, up until then you're still free to send us an email with your application!

One last time, Happy New Year 2020!
-Destroyed Aperture Team

This post is originally from Steam.

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think this is the first mod which I seem create its own reddit :P

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