Designated Days and its expansions. The main mod is based in the Clone Wars, but there are several expansions that concentrate on different eras. Pre/Post Phantom Menace (pre-Clone Wars), The Old Republic (Great Galactic War/Cold War), TFA era, New Republic era, Galactic Civil War, and now announcing the Dark Forces story arc. It will consist of several chapters comprising of tons of episodes/scenarios between various factions. The story will be posted soon. Right now, Operation Republic Ghost is the first chapter that's been released. Icemember is working on the winter maps of Chapter 3, and I am working on the start of Chapter 2.

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Update on some map progress and other things. Also, campaigns!!!

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Just wanted to update everyone on a little bit of progress on the maps we're currently working on. I'll list them as bullet points, but this is to give people a general idea of who's working on what and how close we are to a possible end-of-summer release for some maps! I've been learning some more scripting and that will help further the progress of all of the maps in the current line up.

  • Add campaign mode to Kashyyyk Days Chapter 1 - 3 (map by RevanSithLord)
  • Add campaign mode to Early Days Chapter 1 - 1 (map by RevanSithLord)
  • Working on new models for the main mod, namely the Tropikan Empire and more Rathian units, along with new starships (fighters, frigates, battleships, etc). More weapons as well!
  • Continue to experiment with scripting
  • Revisit the Scarif map and update the Rebel and Imperial models, give them U-wings, etc. Add more kinds of palm trees, bushes, etc.
  • Start work on DD: TOR
  • Start work on DD: Dark Forces
  • Continue work on DD: Chronicles

Along with that stuff, we've been working with different concepts and adding more lore to the story.

I know this isn't a content heavy update, but I just wanted to remind people that we aren't dead. Far from it. People understand that life gets in the way and some people take vacations as well. I personally have had many appointments out of town lately, and also have to be with the wife and the 2-year old, so I haven't had a lot of free time until the weekends.

But we are back at it, so...yay! May the Force be with you, Commanders! Watch this space for more news!

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