This adds a small landmass north of Vvardenfell which goes by the name of Desert Region. Explore fun new places including a small underground mine, a barren forest, a giant arena and a war factory. The mod has plenty to do - no matter if you prefer major or minor quests, you can have time for both. As you progress further, the difficulty gets even harder and you need a higher level to complete those.

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Sorry for a long wait. I've been pretty busy with the sequel of the mod and Rule 12, so I didn't have much time for actually writing the walkthrough. Here is the first three parts of the mod (out of eight). I'll write the other 5 parts as soon as I can.

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Desert Region walkthrough

OK, so my mod Desert Region is pretty confusing at times. So I wrote this walkthrough to get you through it with incredible ease.

Starting off: OK, so you start a new game or load up your current save game. Now, there are three possible ways to get to Desert Region.

1). One option is to go there by swimming.
2). Another option is to pay a bit over 1,100 drakes in Khuul to take the silt strider there.
3). Or, go to Mournhold and walk left of the main temple. Walk around the grassy area until you are transported to the prison ship in Desert Region.

War Factory: The old factory is northwest of Spargus City. Swim northwest to the Oasis from Spargus City and levitate up until you see a rock. Go on the 2nd level at the top and activate the column.

Quest 1 - Explore the War Factory: OK, so you’re inside now. The real problem is getting through it. Firstly, kill the fabricant in the room and take its Explosive Salts. You need them later in the quest. Go into the next room.

OK, this is quite difficult. You need a crossbow/longbow or a long range spell to kill it. Then, the bridge will open up. You need a Level 5 jumping skill to go through the small gap between the bridge and the door. Go into the next room.

OK, you should look for the lever. It’s quite close to the door to the last room. It should be quite easy to find. Activate the lever and the door to the War Dome will open up. Proceed to the War Dome.

Now, when you are there, you’ll see a young woman in the centre of the room. Walk up to her and wait. She’ll come up to you and then magically disappear. Walk to the north of the room and pick up the blade. Part 1 complete!

Go back to the room where you accessed the War Dome. When you exit through the mobile door, go on your right and walk through the giant door.

You’ll be in a flooded hallway. Simply, pull the lever and wait for the door to fully open. Then, go to the lever that is to the far north of the mobile door. Activate it and you’re done! Quest complete!

Quest 2 – Spargus Beacon: This quest is especially difficult to do, especially if you are not a strong swimmer. Exit the War Factory by using the southern door in the first room.

OK, for all of you who don’t know where Spargus Square is, it’s approximately north of Spargus Vaults, which is west of the main Desert Region island.

When you reach the square for the first time, you might feel tempted to do some of the minor quests there. Of course you can try them and come back to the main quest. It’s your choice, really.

First, levitate up to the big platform and collect the cog from there. Finding the beacon is pretty difficult since it’s really small. The easiest way to find the beacon is to go to Spargus Vaults.

Spargus Vaults has a rock and an obsolete light at one end. Swim north from there until you find the beacon; which is really a bottle. Activate it and you’re done! Quest completed!

Quest 3 (optional) – Spargus Square levers: So, you feel tempted to do the minor stuff in the mod? Well, I have good news for you. There are loads of minor quests to do to keep you occupied!

In Spargus Square, remember that circular fence just close to the platform? Just collect all 3 bottles from inside the fence and put them in the levers on the north coastline. Quest completed!

Quest 4 (optional) – Spargus Wolves: So, you want to do more? Well, here’s a pretty easy quest for you to do. In the square, there are three black wolves. Talk to the wolves to find out which one you have to escort. Simply escort the one to inside its pen. If done correctly, a red light will shine beneath you for a few seconds. Quest completed!

Quest 5 (optional) – Explore the Sandy Ruins: After Quest 4, you might be tempted to go inside the Sandy Ruins. Inside those ruins, lies a gate which takes you to the Icy Citadel. Go straight from the entrance until a snow wolf will try to stop you with failure.

OK, fight the werewolves if you want to but be sure to go to the entrance to collect the Ice Salts there. Then, come back into the hall and find a dwemer box on a pillar. Activate it. Afterwards, just go to the big orange wolf and talk to it. It’ll tell you that you finished the quest. Talk to it again so it can give you 9 Precoursor Orbs. Quest completed!

Precoursor Orbs are scattered all over the mod. You should collect a total of 1,000 Precoursor Orbs if you want the treat in the end of the mod. More about that later.

Quest 6 – The Rat Bust Squad: OK, back to the major quests. Go and speak to the raven in Spargus City. Then, go to the Spargus Vaults and go inside the actual building.

You’ll be in a small hallway. Go straight until you reach two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Go on your left. Then, just go straight ahead to the caves.

OK, I recommend you have a way to get up to the dry island in the caves like levitation, for instance.

Once you’re on the island, kill the Dunmer woman. Quest completed!

Quest 7 – Wood Elf Travel: OK, now you must talk to the poor Wood Elf. Talk to him to finish the quest. The easiest quest in the mod! Quest completed!

Quest 8 – Explore the Monk Temple: The Wood Elf, will tell you to go to the Monk Temple so you can escort him to safety.

Firstly, you need some Pure Ethanol. Go to the Oasis and find the ship that is on land. Levitate or superjump onto there and go into the cabin. Take the ethanol from the dead sailor’s body.

Now, if your levitation or superjump spell is still active, go to the ship north of the Oasis and speak to Seem, the shipmaster.

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have enough Gold since there’s about 2005 Gold inside his cabin. Ask him to get you to the Monk Temple (found in Travel services menu). Part 1 complete!

OK, going through the Monk Temple is pretty easy. I don’t need to explain in detail. When you are in the Bridge to the Catacombs, just go up to the forcefield and the Pure Ethanol will make it disappear. Go up the stairs and speak to the elf. Quest completed!

Quest 9 – Escort the Wood Elf, again: This is pretty easy. Just escort him to the Catacombs and go straight on and through the door. Speak to the elf and he’ll tell you to go to the Wood Elf Rock. I’ll cover on that quest later. Quest completed!

Quest 10 – Kleiver: OK, go back to the Catacombs in the Monk Temple. Then, go to the left hallway to the Western Tower. Go straight on through the doors until you are in Kleiver’s Quarters. Don’t speak to him just yet. Take the three pillows on his bed and take the Monk’s Primary Ring. Equip it on yourself and you’ll be transported to the Monk Temple Services building. Close down any menus and open the treasure chest in front of you. Just take the 100 Year Old Key and the Monk’s Secondary Ring. Anything else in the chest is optional to take.

Use the Monk’s Secondary Ring to return to Spargus City. Then, go to the storage area, just north of Damas’ Palace. Take the note on the nearby barrel.

Now, return to Kleiver in the Monk Temple. He’ll give you a club to strike down his client Eldra. Part 1 complete!

Eldra is in the Ald-ruhn Skar Inn. Just hit her once with Kleiver’s club. Then, pay for the crime (either by gold or jail).

Return to Kleiver and he’ll give you a whopping 50,000 total of Gold. Quest completed!

Quest 11 – Send the Spargus Box: Speak to Kleiver again. He’ll tell you to send a very special box to the Spargus shrine. Use the Monk’s Secondary Ring to return you to Spargus City.

Then, go to the trapdoor which is on the southern coast of the city. Activate the shrine in front of you. You’ll be given the elf’s Amulet as a reward. Quest completed!

Quest 12 - The Weather Change part 1: Go and rest in a nice bed or something. Then, you’ll be notified to see Ashelin in the Oasis. Part 1 completed!

Quest 13 – Bandits in the Oasis: Ashelin in the Oasis will try to tell you something but 4 bandits will appear in the Oasis. Kill them and Ashelin will give you a worthless Jetboard Ring. Quest completed!

Quest 12 – The Weather Change part 2: Speak to Ashelin after the bandit attack. Quest completed!

Quest 14 – the journalist’s Journal: Go to the journalist’s Island, which is west of Vvardenfell. Speak to the journalist outside. He’ll tell you about his personal journal. Go inside his home and retrieve his journal from the 100 Year Old Chest. Return to him. Quest completed!

Quest 15 – Enver & Rita: Use the Monk’s Primary Ring to return to the Monk Temple Services building. Go on to the south of the current room and you’ll be in the main area. Again, you need to levitate. Fly to the empty balcony and retrieve the note and ring. Return to the journalist. Part 1 completed!

Return to the main area in the Monk Temple Services. Enter the Monk’s Shrine and put the common ring the journalist gave you and the note in the small stone chest. Return to the journalist. Quest completed!

Quest 16 – the journalist’s Shivering Death: Use the Console and type in “AddTopic “under Lake Fjalding”. Then, talk to the journalist. Afterwards, just rest. Quest completed!

Quest 17 – Spargus Fort Dance (not recommended): Ah, a minor quest. This - I removed because I wanted Rachel to be a mystery. Well, here is how to get out of doing the quest. Just use the Console and type in:

Journal “SC_Rachel” 100

Quest completed!

Quest 18 – Oasis Rocks (optional): After the removed quest, it’s time for a quest that is fully programmed. Near the Spargus Fort coastline, there is a robot. Speak to it and say goodbye. Speak to it again and go on Companion Share. Take its fuel bottle. Part 1 completed!

Next, go to the Oasis (the part where you meet Ashelin) and activate its rocks. They will blow up. Quest completed!

Quest 19 – Azura in the War Factory? (optional): This is pretty simple. Simply go to the room where you usually go to the War Dome. In the northern hallway, you’ll see Azura for a short while. Quest completed!

Quest 20 – Meet Maria Cosades (optional, but needs higher level): Go to Ash Town, which is north of the journalist’s Island. First, look inside the metal barrels and collect the Red Ammo. You need them for later in the mod.

Enter the Storage Area and then go through the trapdoor. You’ll be in a big room. Look for the small green switch. Activate it and go through the door. Now, you need a level of at least 15 to kill the Junk Scamp. Then, proceed to the next room after the Junk Scamp is dead. Kill another Junk Scamp and go up to the wall north of the exit. Walk up to it and a centurion will attack you. Kill it. Now, take the report on the floor. Now, you have to use the console. Type in:

“Walk” through the wall on your left. You should see a woman called Maria Cosades. Speak to her. She’ll tell you to go to Edwinna Elbert in the Ald-ruhn Mages Guild hall. Turn off the collision walking by the console. Go and speak to Edwinna about “report”. If it doesn’t appear in the topic list, just type in the console:

AddTopic “report”

You’ll be given two rings that are optional to use. One to shrink you and another to get you back to normal size. Quest completed!

To become tiny, just equip the Shrinking Ring. Close the menus. Go into third person view. Your player character is now tiny.

To become normal size again is a bit more complicated. Unequip the Shrinking Ring before equipping the Normal Ring. You should be normal size now.

Quest 21 – Kill The Fire Rat Leader (optional) – You’ll be asked to go to the Curio Ancestral Tomb. It’s on the top floor of the Bal Ur Shrine. Just go through the dark passage of rock.

Now, I highly recommend enabling collision walking to reach the lower level (see Quest 20 for details). Turn off collision walking to fight the Fire Rat leader. When it’s killed, use any intervention scrolls it gives you, to escape.

Now, report back to Edwinna Elbert. Quest completed!

Quest 22 – Telvanni Caves – After Quest 16, go inside the journalist’s house to talk to Alexy. He would tell you about the cause of the journalist’s death and he’ll transport you to City of Almalexia.

You can try to explore the city if you want but you won’t get far yet. From where you were transported to, go straight ahead and open the door to the building. Speak to the Orc and he’ll tell you to find the Telvanni Caves.

When you’ll be transported back, you need to search for the caves near the Ghostfence. If you give up, just type in the console:
Coc “Red Mountain Region, Telvanni Caves”

Kill the two guards in the caves and pick up the poisoned comberries from their bodies and on the crates. Go back to Alexy. Part 1 completed!

You’ll be now given exactly 20 minutes to go and put the comberries in the crate near Lake Amaya. Go to Suran and swim in its surrounding lake. You’ll have plenty of time to do it so search everywhere in the lake. Afterwards, report to Alexy. Quest completed!

Quest 23 – The Missing Curator – You’ll be asked to speak to God in his chapel. He’ll tell you about the missing curator in the temple. Just go outside of the chapel and speak to the Dark Elf in front of the table. Quest completed!

Quest 24 – Plaza Attack (needs higher level) – You’ll be asked to stop the attack in the southern plaza. Kill the three kwama foragers in front of you and the one in the right grass area. Then, use the trapdoor at the centre of the fountain.

Now, you need a really high level to either kill the creatures or run away from them completely. I highly recommend Level 10 and higher.

Once you’re in the hallway, search for the cog on top of the dwemer closet. Then, activate the lever, left of it (you need to jump or levitate to reach it). Report back to God.

Quest 25 – Recover God’s Ring (needs higher level) – God will ask you to recover the ring beneath the city. Go back to where you were in Quest 24 and search for the observatory.

Now, you need levitation or superjumping to get on top of the circular room. Pull the lever there and recover the ring from the open shrine. Return to the curator with the ring and he’ll give you a report. Give it to God. Quest completed!

Quest 26 - Jennifer! - Go to God's Royal Section and go inside the only building. Go downstairs and use the gold-green switch to descend into the sewers. Speak to Jennifer and go through the dialogue. Choose the insult and then kill her. Retrieve the bowl from her body and return to God. Quest completed!

Quest 27 – Recover God’s Goblet - God will transport your player character to the Moscow Halls. Go upstairs and find the white ring on the nearest table. Activate it, let it spin and when the message says that you have the ring, go downstairs to the Lower Halls. Part 1 completed!

Activate the bell and put on collision walking. Kill the Supercat Ghost and retrieve the goblet. Then, use the console to get out (eg. Coc "Spargus City"). Quest completed!

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